5 songs that keep me motivated while I write

Struggling with writing? Having trouble studying? Getting distracted while you work? Hate silence?

If you have trouble with staying focused AND need some sort of music/noise in the background, this might help you out!

If you are like me, you must have noticed that you can get easily distracted by the music you put on. Without realising, you will suddenly be busting out the lyrics to your favourite song or got drawn to your screen to check out your favourite movie scene.

Before you know it, you are discovering new songs on youtube or are 2 episodes further into your tv series. And a little later, you are elbow deep into the wonders of the internet.

The work you should be doing? Completely forgotten.

Does that sound familiar?

So, what do you do if you want that audio stimulation, yet you don’t want to get distracted from the job you should be doing, whether that is working, writing or studying?

Let me share some of my songs that keep me motivated, yet don’t disturb my work process. Who knows, maybe this will work for you as well!

Before we get started on the list, may I ask you to turn off the music you are currently listening to or that movie playing in the background?

If you trust me, let me take you by your hand and lead you through my songs. Please give them a chance and listen to them a little before skipping to the next one. In fact, let the playlist play and after you are done reading this blog post, I bet you will be in the mood to start writing, studying or working!

After all, if the music gets you in the vibe to work, don’t ignore it!

So, let’s get started! Hit play on the playlist and listen to the 5 songs that not only keep me concentrated but also motivated!

#1: Secret Place by CloZee

Right now, this is my all time favourite song that I listen to while I work.

It is chillstep with an Asian twist. It is really relaxing for me since there is a melody that keeps things interesting, but a solid base that keeps me grounded. And best of all, there is so much variety in that one song, I can listen to it on repeat and never get bored.

Chillstep is the combination of the very energetic dubstep and as the name says, chilling. So it is perfect to keep you both active and chilled at the same time. Doesn’t that seem awesome? Body in rest, brain in action!

If this kind of music speaks to you and you want to find more songs like this, I will recommend you check out this youtube channel. It has all kinds of great music from different artists, but it stays in this kind of vibe.



#2 Earth – Jesper Keyd

If you are an Assassin’s creed fan, or just love gaming, this song is perfect. To me, it feels like I am soaring through the sky or running over buildings, while I can stand still.

Credit for this goes to the amazing game and their music producers, because this song does exactly what it is supposed to do. It makes me feel like I am in motion, while I remain motionless. This is the perfect mindset for when you are gaming, but also for when you have to work. It keeps you from feeling lazy and restless. Part of your brain can go on a run, while another is concentrating on studying/working.

Gaming music is my other favourite, simply because it is literally designed to fade into the background, yet at the same time, keep you stimulated. It is meant to inspire you without breaking your focus.

Perfect, right?


#3 Intro – the xx

I found this song as I was writing this list and browsing for inspiration and information. I put it on and I just knew I was in the zone. I have been listening to it non-stop and it helps me cross the threshold from relaxing to work modus. And once I am in work mode, it keeps me there.

This song is perfect since there is a steady beat and a melody that has enough variety to keep you from cognitively experiencing the loop, but is yet monotone enough that it doesn’t draw your attention away from your work.


#4 Madness – Ruelle

Although this song has a vocal lead, there is something energetic and powerful about it that I couldn’t not include this song. I guess because it hasn’t that many lyrics or text, it doesn’t disturb the thought process.

And there is just something entrancing and hypnotising about the song that it keeps my brain captivated and active on the right level.


#5 All the king’s horses – Karmina

If you are still looking for a song with lyrics that you can really sing along with, I would recommend this song. It is so silky and soft, that it doesn’t disturb my writing or studying.

It is such a beautiful song and you can easily listen to this, even if you are not trying to concentrate.

Once you found the right type of music for you, it will be easy to find more. You can google youtube a bit, since it gives great recommendations. What i tend to do is put on a mix or compilation and you will know which songs jump out to you and you can just buy those. Or if you are lucky, you will find a mix that completely suits your taste.

This one I listen to when I don’t feel like completely instrumental music, but it is definitely not as productive as the others, but a good way to start or end your work session.

If you don’t enjoy chill step or gaming music, I suggest finding the instrumental versions of your favourite song. You will still have that same vibe and feeling and once in a while, your brain can have that  “ oh I know that song” moment, but you will be less tempted to sing along.
Some little tips:

– If neither of these do the trick for you, look into background noises. If it is beautiful weather outside and you are tempted to go bake in the sun, why not close all the curtains and put on some rain sounds? I promise you, it will trick your head! Maybe the sounds of the ocean or trains or birds do the trick for you. Here is one more youtube channel that has a lot of ambient music that really relaxes me.

Relax Sleep ASMR

– Avoid putting on the tv, a movie or a tv series. Although reading and listening are two different things and light up two different parts of your brain, the overlap of words can confuse or distract you and your brain has to work harder, trying to ignore the audio input.

– With that being said, avoid listening to your favourite songs since, as they are your favourite songs, you might start to sing along. Again, this will pull you out of the zone. If you are not convinced, try singing a song and reading something at the same time. Of course you can do it but did you really take in what you read.

– If you get distracted by songs changing, find yourself songs that keep the same tone and vibe, so you don’t notice when a new song comes on. If that sounds like a hassle or doesn’t work for you, keep the same song on repeat. The first three songs are perfect to be played on a loop without boring or annoying you. You won’t even know when the song ends and it starts!

There, those are my go to work songs of the moment. What did you think? Did it work for you? Are your fingers itching to start typing and your brain is lit up like a Christmas tree with ideas?

Don’t ignore it!

So, as much as I would like to encourage you to keep browsing on my website, you probably shouldn’t. I am sure there are tons of things you should be doing right now 🙂

So, with the motivational music already up and going, click repeat on your favourite one and go study, hit those books, go write your next article, go work! If you are motivated and in the zone now, don’t waste time.

And after you are finished with what you had to do, come back here and reward yourself with a nice short story 🙂


Your writer,
Arizona Tape

Did you enjoy listening to my songs? Did it help? Let me know if you would like me to keep sharing my writing music with you or if you know songs similar to these ones, let me know. I love finding new songs!

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