A good night out; a short story

This is a “your choice” short story, which means you get to decide the course of action and how things end. Keep reading and be the one to make the key decisions as you read. Depending on what you choose, the story will have a different end and ofcourse, a different outcome.

Disclaimer: The views or actions from the characters in this story don’t necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the writer. Which is me.


Brandon groaned as he woke up feeling groggy. He lazily opened one eye, trying to get a feel of his surroundings.

He wasn’t in his own bed, that was for sure. The very clingy, pink sheets around his waist were one sign. The warm body wrapped around him, that was the other.

He racked his brain, trying to figure out who and when he scored last night. He couldn’t really remember, but it must have been a good night. At least, that is what he hoped.

He carefully turned his head, hoping he didn’t wake up next to a monstrosity. Boy, was he wrong. He so hoped he would wake up next to the princess, but it looked like he took the dragon home.

‘ Eggh.’ he grunted, shuffling away from the clingy arm. Waking up next to something that vaguely resembled roadkill wasn’t his idea of a good night out, to be fair.

He made a mental note to call up his friend Ryan and berate him for letting him take off with this chick. His best friend should know better.

‘ Hmmm…’ the girl moaned, sleepily smacking her lips.

Uh-uh is what went through Brandon’s head. He shuffled further away from the light-haired girl, hoping he wouldn’t wake her up. He was in no mood for any chit-chat or awkward morning talk. If he wanted that, he would get himself a girlfriend.

He managed to get out of the bed without waking up his last conquest and peered around in the poorly illuminated room. A little strip of sunlight shone through the curtains and lit up the end of the bed.

Brandon ran his hands through his messy hair, yawned while shaking his head and cracked his neck.

Even though he couldn’t really remember it, he figured that it must have been a wild night, given his sore muscles.

At least she had that going for her.

He scratched the itch on his left thigh and readjusted his striped boxers. He needed to quickly gather his clothes and all his stuff, so he could get out of there. Luckily, his pants were draped in a pile next to the end of the bed.

Brandon tried to put on his stiff pair of jeans as quietly as he could, but as he was jumping on one foot, he noisily hit the side table.

Oh no.

In fear, he froze.

Don’t wake up. Don’t wake up. Don’t wake up. He prayed silently.

The girl stirred around in her bed and instead of clinging to Brandon, hugged her pillow a little tighter.

With his breath held, Brandon counted the seconds in his head. But when there was no real movement, he relaxed and let out a big sigh of relief.

Oof. Disaster avoided.

He gazed around, hunting for more of his clothes and found his first sock chilling on the carpet. For his second sock, he had to crawl around through her room on his knees. Finally, he found it curled up in a little, disgusting ball under her bed. It was oddly damp and smelled like stale beer.


Brandon almost convinced himself to put it back on but changed his mind halfway through. He wasn’t gonna walk around with a wet, stinky sock. That was even less appealing than sleeping with this girl again. So he just dropped it on her carpet. She could keep that as a little reminder of him.

Now he just needed his shirt and sweater and he could get the hell out of here.




Where would he have left his shirt? It wasn’t next to the bed nor wasn’t laying over a lamp somewhere. He wondered how wild they had been and how much of a thrower she was.

He tried to look on top of her dresser, but nothing. At least, that is what he gathered since he couldn’t exactly see the top of her dresser.

Where was his damn shirt?

And then it dawned on him. He turned his gaze towards the sleeping beauty, yes sarcasm, and let out an exasperated sigh.

Ugh. She is wearing my shirt. He groaned internally, wondering why the hell a one-night stand would do that. Did they do that on purpose to stop the guy from leaving?

Whatever the reason, it frustrated him beyond belief. Why was she wearing his shirt?  What made her think this was a good idea?

If it was to keep him around so he would cuddle her in the morning and take her for breakfast, well, she was mistaken.

He wouldn’t let her manipulate him like that. She could keep his shirt too, together with his nasty sock. As long as he found his hoodie, he could get out of there.

But that brought on the next issue. Where the fuck was his sweater? It was a nice green and it complimented his complexion, at least, that is what the ladies had told him. In fact, it was his pick-up sweater and no way was he leaving it here. That would be a terrible waste.

As silently as he could, he opened her bedroom door and wandered into the rest of her house. The living room was quite cozy actually. He couldn’t help but admire the big painting hanging on her wall and wonder why in hell the artist would paint a giant banana. And what made him even more curious is to why anyone would hang up a big ass banana in their living room. That just made no sense whatsoever.

Strange girl.

At least she had good taste in men. He added, smugly admiring his reflection as he passed by a mirror. Yup, he looked good, even with his bed hair.

Ah, found it.

Brandon happily scooped up his lucky jacket and threw it on. He could do without his t-shirt as long as he zipped up his jacket and…

Fuck! He cursed under his breath. His zipper was stuck and it wouldn’t budge one millimetre.

Just my luck. He grumbled, tugging on the metal clasp in frustration.

‘ Snap.’ said the zipper and Brandon angrily banged his fist against his forehead. No shirt and now a hoodie that wouldn’t close.

If it had only been 5 am, nobody would have seen him walk home with his hoodie open, but it was definitely too late for that now.

He wasn’t embarrassed about his body, but he couldn’t see the appeal of walking around bare-chested during the end of autumn while everyone stared at him, knowing it was a walk of shame.

And yes, this was a walk of shame.

To compensate for this girl, he would have to sleep with at least two 9’s. Otherwise, he wasn’t a player, no, then he was a loser.

Players took the good-looking girls home. Losers, they got with the horny, desperate, ugly ducklings at the end of the night.

Brandon pulled on both sides of his hoodie, hoping that would hide his bare chest and quickly slipped into his shoes. The faster he could get out of here, the better.

And just when the door fell into the lock, something hit him like a gong.

His phone.

Damn it! He cursed under his breath, slapping his pockets to make sure it wasn’t in there, but all he felt was his wallet.

Fuckkkk. Brandon groaned as he grabbed his hair in frustration and banged his head loudly against the wall.

If it wasn’t for that stupid banana, he would have never forgotten his phone. That was such a rookie mistake!

‘ You idiot!’ he screamed at himself. After all those one-night stands, he should have known better.

Always, always, check if you got your phone and wallet before you exit the girl’s house.

How the hell was this happening to him? He was standing in the chilly morning’s air, with one very cold ankle, nipples that tore through his hoodie and no cell phone.

Could this day get any worse?

He banged his head against the wall one more time before composing himself. He wasn’t gonna embarrass himself by ringing the doorbell and asking for his phone and shirt. No way.

She could just keep his phone too. That way, she would always have a souvenir of the night she got with the hottest guy in town. Good for her.

He grimaced and as he figured out where he ended up, he made his way back to his neighbourhood. He briefly contemplated going straight home, but as he was passing by Ryan’s house, he figured he would go scream at him first.

He impatiently rang Ryan’s doorbell and called out his best friend’s name.

‘ What?’ Ryan snapped as he opened the door. With the lines of his pillow still imprinted on his face and his small eyes, it wasn’t hard to figure out that Brandon had woken him up.

‘ Dude, why did you let me go home with a train wreck?’ Brandon shouted as he walked inside his best friend’s house.

‘ Hello, Brandon. Good morning. Come in.’ Ryan sarcastically said, pulling the door closed as he watched Brandon let himself fall down in his couch.

‘ Yeah, yeah, whatever.’

‘ Dude, where is your shirt?’ Ryan asked, rubbing his eyes and yawning loudly. His friend had no manners and although it usually didn’t bother him, Brandon was testing his patience right now. It was early, Ryan hadn’t slept much yet and his head was still pounding from last night.

‘ Left it at my one-night stand’s. Left my phone there as well. I had to get out before she woke up. Listen, man. The girl I went home with, she was nowhere near hot enough. What gives? We made a deal you wouldn’t let me take off with ugly chicks.’

Ryan tilted his head, wondering how to react to that one.

There weren’t many times that Brandon scored with anything less than the hottest looking girl in the club. They both knew that very well. Something about him just drew the chicks in.

Ryan wondered if it was his friends very well-defined chest or his signature smirk. Or perhaps his eyes. He knew that his ex used to fawn over Brandon’s eyes.

‘ I don’t remember her being that ugly?’ he answered as he walked to his kitchen to take a sip of milk.

Eeghhh. Vomit.

As soon as the milk hit his tongue, he regretted it as he remembered that the jug had been in his fridge for at least two weeks.

‘ Nasty.’ he coughed as he put the jug back on the shelf. He would throw that away another time.

‘ Nasty, that is right.’ Brandon chimed in, his legs swung lazily on Ryan’s coffee table. ‘ Again, what the hell, man?’

Ryan shrugged and let himself fall down on the other end of the couch. ‘ I don’t know. I asked you last night if you were sure and you seemed pretty certain. I mean, you had been over her all night.’

‘ Really? That girl?’ Brandon said, shooting his best friend a disbelieving look. He couldn’t imagine himself not running away from that girl.

‘ Yup. You were both hanging at the bar for at least an hour before you left. And again, I thought she was pretty cute, though.’ Ryan added, scratching his neck in thought.

He wondered why Brandon was so appalled by his last one-night stand. He had been so convinced and enthusiastic about her last night. In fact, his exact words were:

‘ Dude, that chick is so freaking hot. Am gonna bang the shit out of her tonight.’

But somehow, Ryan figured that repeating Brandon’s own words wouldn’t be appreciated.

Sometimes, he wondered why they were friends. Brandon could act like such a douchebag, especially towards women. He would treat them like crap, talk shit behind their backs and he just went through them like he went through his underwear.

In fact, after he was done with them, he didn’t treat them much better than dirty underwear.

Going out to a club or a bar always ended with Brandon taking off with a chick hanging around his arm and a smug grin on his face.

Ryan had stopped getting annoyed about being left alone because he knew that Brandon wouldn’t even consider changing his behaviour. He loved screwing around and he was quite proud of it as well. So Ryan just made sure to always invite more mates and let Brandon get his freak on whenever he pleased.

Yeah, Brandon could be a real jerk, but he was like a brother to him anyway.

It would be nice if he’d change, even if it was just a little bit. But Ryan had given up trying to change his friend a long time ago. He was a lost cause.

‘ Dude.’ Brandon snapped his fingers, trying to get Ryan’s attention. He was listing off all the qualities his next one-night stand should have and he needed Ryan to memorise them so a disaster like tonight wouldn’t happen again.

‘ Yeah, am listening.’ Ryan lied, pulling out his phone to check the time. He casually checked his email, blocking out Brandon’s rant.


Ryan lazily checked his new message and tried to hide his surprise as he saw it came from Brandon’s phone. That must have been Brandon’s last conquest.

He briefly wondered why she texted him and if he should open it, but when he heard his friend list off all the hot girls he had slept with in the past month, he thought why the hell not.

— Hey, this is the girl from last night. I found Brandon’s phone when I woke up. Can you help me get his phone back to him? —

Ryan shook his head. Wow. Brandon had taken off before she even woke up and this girl still wanted to see him again.

He never would understand how the female mind worked.

He threw his phone at Brandon, who barely caught it in his lap.

‘ Here, it’s your girlfriend.’ Ryan sarcastically said, getting up from the couch to grab himself something to eat.

Even though he was disgusted by Brandon’s way of living, secretly he was also a bit jealous. He thought the girl from last night had been quite pretty and he wouldn’t have minded taking a girl like that home.

But any time that he went out with Brandon, the girls just flocked to his friend and he seemed to be invisible.

It frustrated him. He knew he could treat those girls better than Brandon ever would, but they just didn’t seem interested. They all fell for Brandon’s suave, charming act and even after they slept with him and he started treating them like shit, they couldn’t stay away from him.


What happens next? Your choice! ( Update soon)

Choice #1: Brandon texts the girl back himself.

Choice #2: Ryan answers the phone in Brandon’s place.

Find out how a small decision like this can lead to completely different futures!

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