A good night out: Brandon

This is the follow-up from the short story ” A good night out”. If you haven’t read it yet, you should start here.


1. Brandon goes to pick up the phone himself


‘ Yo… Yeah… I had to be somewhere very early… What?… Sure… Fine… I will be there in a bit… Yup… Bye…’

Ryan heard Brandon’s nonchalant phone conversation and wondered how much of an ass he would be when the girl would bring him his phone and try to flirt with him again.

Poor girl. He almost felt sympathy for her.

‘ Bro, I gotta go pick up my phone. I am borrowing a shirt, yeah?’ Brandon called out, casually throwing the phone back on the coffee table as he rummaged through Ryan’s closet, not even waiting for permission.

‘ Sure.’ Ryan muttered, grabbing himself some cold leftover bacon from his fridge. He threw them between a couple slices of bread and took a big bite out of them.


‘ I gotta go, man. See you around.’ Brandon said, as he slapped Ryan on his back and grabbed the sandwich out of his hands so he could take a big bite out of it.

‘ Fhanks!’ he grumbled, his mouth full of bacon. He saluted his friend, ignored the angry look on his face and left eating his stolen sandwich.

Damn, Ryan knew how to make tasty sandwiches.

Alright. Time to face his mistake, get his phone back and go home to sleep. He could use a good nap.

Brandon made his way over to the designated place, hoping the girl wouldn’t be too mad at him. His head was still pounding a little bit from all the booze last night and he knew how screechy girls could get.

He quickly arrived at the little coffeehouse, looking around to spot his latest conquest.

Eehh… What did she look like again? He pondered, scratching the back of his neck. He knew she had light hair and was less than average, but apart from that, he probably couldn’t pick her out of a line-up.

Just sit down and look handsome. She will find you. He reasoned, plopping down on the nearest chair and winking at the waitress so she would come take his order quicker.

Damn. That waitress girl was cute. Maybe he could convince her to have a quickie with him during her break. She looked very… Bendable.

‘ I will take a coffee. Black.’ he ordered, conjuring his infamous smirk that always got him the ladies.

‘ Ehhh…’ she stuttered, looking at him, a flushed look appearing on her face.

That’s what am talking about. Brandon boasted to himself, pleased that he made another girl swoon.

‘ Throw in a muffin for me, muffin.’ He grinned, already mentally patting himself on the back. He got this girl right where he wanted her.

‘ Ehmm… You don’t remember me, do you?’ the cute waitress stuttered, a hurt look flashing through her eyes as she contemplated if she should just ignore him or dump a pot of scalding coffee in his lap.

‘ Errr…’ Brandon hesitated, scratching his face as he studied her. Damn, did he already nail this chick?

‘ You are unbelievable.’ she groaned, gripping the handle of her coffee pot tighter so she wouldn’t spill it accidentally on purpose.

‘ I have heard that before.’ he winked, trying to dazzle her with his charming smile.

‘ Jeez. You don’t give up, do you?.’ she sighed, turning around so she wouldn’t have to look at his face anymore.

‘ Hey, hold up! What’s the matter, baby?’ he called after her, jumping up so he could run behind her. He was more than curious what her problem was.

‘ Don’t call me baby!’

‘ Sorry, sorry.’ he apologised, holding his hands up, trying to seem charming and innocent.

‘ Why don’t you take a good look at me?’ she frowned, a challenging look in her eyes.

So that is what Brandon did. He looked at her legs, wondering if those had been wrapped around his waist sometime. But he had so many legs wrapped around him, they all looked the same to him.

He studied her thighs, not sure if his head had been down there recently. But then again, he wouldn’t know with her wearing.. Well.. Clothes.

He took a look at her boobs and honked them in his imagination, trying to figure out if that seemed familiar. Then he looked a little longer at her boobs, because, you know. Boobs.

And as he felt her glare bore in his skull, he looked up at her face and lips, wondering if she recently had been screaming his name in ecstasy.

She did seem vaguely familiar, but from where and when… He knew from experience that not guessing any name was always better than guessing the wrong name.

Yet, today he threw caution to the wind.

‘ Lucy?’

‘ Guess again.’ she scoffed, shooting a murderous glare at him.

‘ Sofia?’

‘ Wrong again!’ she snarled, trying to cool herself down as she was ready to snap his neck. Maybe she could just hit him with this mug.

It couldn’t be… Brandon said to himself, as a light went off in his head.

‘ Banana girl?’

‘ What?’ she said, stunned mid-swing.

‘ You have a giant painting of a banana hanging in your living room… Right…?’ he carefully said, taking a couple of steps back.

This is bad. Is this the girl I slept with last night? He wondered, trying to remember if she was the violent type or not.

In any case, she didn’t resemble the beast he had woke up to, so he was mighty confused.

‘ You don’t even remember who you slept with last night? You truly are a first class jerk!’ she growled, swinging her coffee at him and stomping hard on his foot.


‘ Anyway, you didn’t sleep with me, although you definitely tried. You took my friend home. She asked me to give you.’ she sighed, casually throwing a cellphone at Brandon.

‘ Jeez, you could have said so.’ he huffed, trying to compose himself.

So he hadn’t slept with this one yet. Oof. Challenge accepted.

‘ Anyway, how about that muffin, muffin?’ he tried again, putting on his cute face that always got him what he wanted.

‘ Jeez…’ she sighed, shaking her head in exasperation. He was just as annoying and persistent now as he had been last night. She could see why her friend wouldn’t be opposed to a guy like this, but it wouldn’t work on her.

‘ What’s your name again?’ Brandon smiled, cocking his head to the side as he brought out his puppy eyes. No girl could resist his puppy eyes.

‘ Why do you want to know?’

‘ It is called being polite, you know?’

‘ I… Fine. Leia.’

Brandon’s eyes lit up. He tugged on his collar, straightening himself up as he wondered how he hadn’t remembered that name. ‘ Leia? Like the Star wars princess?’

‘ That’s the one.’ she dryly answered, wondering with what kind of nickname he would come up now. For some reason, guys always thought she would love any Star wars related nickname. They couldn’t be more wrong.

‘ Now, now. Don’t look so angry. I am sure you look way more beautiful when you smile. Bunny.’ Brandon winked, using one of the many lines he had to flatter girls.

‘ Bunny?’ Leia asked, surprised he had chosen that and not the popular “princess” or “your highness”.

‘ Yes, you know. Because she has those bun thingies as her hair. Bun. Hunny. Bunny.’

As he explained his lame nickname, he wanted to face palm himself so hard. Jeez, that was the lamest thing he had ever said. Why couldn’t he have made something up about her being cute like a bunny or something?

‘ That’s… Terrible…’ Leia slowly frowned. Really? Bunny? It was so lame, but she hadn’t heard that one before. At least it was kinda original?

Brandon groaned. ‘ You are right… Man, that was the lamest thing…’ he chuckled at himself, playing along as he pretended to be a good sport. This might just sway her, he figured.

‘ So, how about that muffin?’ he inquired, leaning over her counter as he nonchalantly flexed his muscle.

‘ We don’t sell muffins, only donuts and coffee.’ she sighed, pointing up at the sign. ‘ See, Black&Holes. Coffee and donut holes.’

Brandon winked at her as he gave her his most flirty smirk. ‘ I do like donuts. Which one of your holes would you recommend I eat.’

Leia looked at him and cringed under his crude suggestive line. He really couldn’t help himself and his lines were just bad.

‘ Why don’t you take this one.’ she sighed as she grabbed the pinkest donut she could find which looked so colourful you wouldn’t be surprised if a unicorn farted on it. The look on his face was priceless as he stared at the pastry as it if the pink was contagious.

‘ I am not eating that.’ Brandon awkwardly muttered, his confidence falling immediately. His lines really weren’t working on her and he could just slap his own forehead.

Really? Which one of your holes could I eat?

Leia grinned as she put the muffin back, silently congratulating herself for piercing through his bravado. As he opened his mouth for another pickup line, she just turned her back towards him and started cleaning some of the coffee cups, pretending that anything was more interesting and important that what he had to say.

So what happens next? ( More soon)

Choice #1. Brandon manages to charm Leia
Choice #2. Brandon goes home with his family jewels bruised


Find out how a small decision can lead to different outcomes!

Didn’t like where this went? Start over and pick another ending!

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