A good night out: Ryan

This is the follow-up from the short story ” A good night out”. If you haven’t read it yet, you should start here.


2. Ryan goes to pick up the phone.


‘ Dude, am not going back there.’ Brandon snorted as he pushed Ryan’s phone back on the coffee table. It was just a phone anyway. He would rather buy a new one than go back to a one-night stand.

In a way, it was convenient. If he changed his number than the other chicks wouldn’t be able to text him anymore.

Ryan rolled his eyes and snatched up his phone, deciding that he should at least text the poor girl back. He had thought she was a sweet girl and her friend had been polite enough to chat with him while they were blatantly flirting with each other.

— Hey, Brandon is really busy so he won’t be able to pick up his phone. But he said his phone isn’t important.— he texted back, hoping that she wouldn’t be too offended that Brandon so badly didn’t want to see her again that he couldn’t even bother to pick up his 500$ phone.

His friend really was an ass. A rich ass.

Ryan threw his phone next to him on the couch and groaned. He really could use some more sleep.

Beep beep.

He groaned even louder, huffing as he grabbed his phone. How did this happen? Brandon got a one-night stand and he had to deal with the fallout?

To be honest, he was surprised the girl even remembered his name. They hadn’t really spoken much anyway.

— Maybe you could come pick up his phone? I don’t want to be stuck with it. —

He let out a long, heavy sigh as he reread her text a couple of times. Did he really want to go pick up that phone? Brandon didn’t care about the phone, so why should he?

But then again, he would be doing the girl a favour. After sleeping with Brandon and him sneaking out in the morning, her getting stuck with his phone must be really annoying and embarrassing.

He contemplated the pros and cons but as he glanced at Brandon hanging on his couch, surfing the TV channel and scratching his balls, he decided to try and cancel out his best friends deeds.

If his friend was a rude ass, at least he could try and even it out for the girl.

— Yeah, sure. I can come pick it up. When and where? — he quickly send, hoping it wasn’t too far away and he could still crawl back into bed.

— Do you know Black&Holes? It’s a coffee shop down on Main. It’s quiet now so you can come pick it up now —

Ryan let out an exhausted groan. He knew where that shop was and luckily it was close by, but that meant no more sleep for him.

‘ Dude, I gotta go do something real quick.’ he said as he stood up and scratched the back of his neck. If he could usher Brandon out of his house, he could just get the phone and go back to sleep.

‘ No prob. I can keep myself busy. Your TV is mad high quality.’ Brandon grinned as he grabbed the remote and flicked through the channels.

‘ No, I meant… Egh… Whatever. Just don’t eat all my food, yeah?’ Ryan sighed, deciding he didn’t care enough to get into a fight about it. Letting Brandon hang at his place was harmless anyway. He was here so often, he was almost a piece of furniture.

‘ I’ll be back in a sec.’ he yawned, making his way to his bedroom for a set of fresh clothes and a quick brush of his teeth. A small effort, but he didn’t want the girl to think that he and Brandon were made out of the same cloth.

And so he made his way over to the coffee shop, silently begging that the girl wouldn’t be mad, or worse, crying.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t the first time he had to deal with Brandon’s aftermath. Somehow all the girls that Brandon slept with and never called back seemed to think that by talking to Ryan, they would get a new chance with him.

It never worked though. They just wound up angry or hurt and he had to take care of them as they blubbered on and on about how they didn’t understand what was wrong with them.

Apart from them having a one-night stand and getting all upset about a guy they just met, there was usually nothing wrong with them.

It was Brandon and his smooth words and false promises that drove the girls mad. How? Ryan never truly understood, but he knew that almost every girl Brandon slept with would become obsessed with him. He just pushed their buttons and brought out the crazy in them.

And Ryan really hoped that this last girl wasn’t a crazy one.

He rubbed his eyes and decided that since he was at a coffee shop, he might as well grab himself a big cup of joe to wake him up as he waited. That was just smart thinking.

He made his way over to the counter, pulled his wallet from his back pocket and as he was about to order he heard his name.

‘ Ryan?’

‘ Yeah?’ he slowly answered as he looked around in confusion, wondering who to look at and if he would have to shield his face or nuts.

‘ Over here.’

He turned back to the counter and looked straight at a familiar face. The girl from last night. But not Brandon’s one-night stand, no her friend. The girl that he chatted with.

‘ Leia?’ he asked, making sure he wasn’t mistaken. Damn. If he knew she was gonna be here, he would have thrown on a less wrinkled shirt and left his chill pants at home.

‘ I am glad you came.’ she said, her voice sweet and warm and her lips curled up in an amused smile.

‘ Yeah, ehmm… Me too. I think. Ummm. Where is your friend?’ Ryan stuttered, trying to regain his composure. He had really liked Leia, but hadn’t asked for her number because he knew that the bad reviews about Brandon would come pouring in after he was done with her friend.

At least, that is what he expected. She didn’t seem too fazed or annoyed with him.

‘ Oh, she couldn’t make it either. Coffee?’ Leia shrugged casually as she held up a big pot of coffee.

‘ Yeah, sure.’ Ryan agreed, looking at her quizzically. So Brandon wasn’t here, but his one-night stand wasn’t here either? What an odd situation.

Good thing he came because he was certain that his friend wouldn’t have recognised Leia. Not even after he flirted with her last night.

Leia poured him a cup, waved away his money and leaned over the counter to make sure the whole shop didn’t hear her.

‘ Listen, I gotta confess something.’ she started, whispering so that Ryan had to lean in as well.

‘ Yes?’

‘ Well… I actually wanted to see you… So I used the phone as an excuse to get you here.’ she whispered, her cheeks blushing as she confessed her true intentions.

‘ Oh… OHH.’

With a grin on his face, Ryan silently thanked Brandon for being an asshole and the rest, as they say, is history.

Didn’t like this ending after all? Go back to the beginning and try again!

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