Arizona Type

ArizonaType is a blog and a brand that is focused on writing. It is about stories, about tales, myths, legends, and any other words you can come up with that asks for imagination and writing skills.

Not only can you read my books and my blogs about all sort of topics, including LGBT-related issues, — the beast we all know — called love, and other daily struggles. You can also take this blog as my resumé.

If you are looking for someone to talk to about the things you don’t even dare to whisper, I am your girl. I have been through a lot of different stages in my life and I am a good listener.

But not only that. If you are looking for someone to help you out with editing, proofreading, reviewing, promoting, coaching or anything else you might need, contact me. I am sure we can figure something that will be beneficial to both of us.

That is what ArizonaType is all about.

Now, how did the name came to be, you ask me? Good question.

In december 2016, I finally made the click to turn this hobby of mine into a living. And for me, that was writing. I always loved it and after many years, I realised I would never stop being a story-teller.

With this mindset and a heart full of goodwill, I started my journey.

But I couldn’t even get out of the starting blocks. I struggled a lot with thinking up a good name for a blog, a website and a brand all at the same time. I wasn’t exactly sure yet what direction I wanted to go in or what I was gonna do with this.

I wanted something that was personal, yet also broad. I wanted it to reflect myself and the direction I wanted to go in. So for me going with ArizonaTape was out of the question. After all, getting your name out as the brand-name is very hard, seeing that Arizona Tape doesn’t say anything about what I do.

But then again, I didn’t want to go with something as generic as the BookWriter for example, since that just doesn’t say anything about me.

After a lot of thinking, a lot of hesitating and whiteboards filled with crossed out names, it finally clicked on a rainy walk outside.

I struggle a lot with writer’s block and often find myself going downhill in a slum that lasts days or weeks. Motivating myself is hard and getting motivated by others is even harder.

There is only one thing I would say to myself. Well, more than say. Demand this from myself and that was this: Arizona, TYPE!

This coincidentally worked out great as it was only a one-letter difference with my last name. And thus, ArizonaType was born.

A name that says exactly who I am and what I do. No nonsense, no bullshit. It is what it is.

I am Arizona and I type.


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