Battle of the covers!

As you all know, I am currently getting my first book The love pill ready for printing, but I have run into a little dilemma regarding the cover.

I have been designing and racking my brain over ideas for the cover. And I am not sure if I should stick with the initial idea or not. So, I thought I would ask your opinion, as you all know the book too.

First up, is a black, rather abstract cover that  correlates with my style and idea. Simple, stylish and filled with hidden meaning. It would be a black background, with the red thread over the cover to depict their story and two types for flowers. Lexi’s favourite, the tiger lily and a bouquet of Hemlock, Cara’s last name.

But is it unique enough? Does it fit with the story? Would you have picked up the book with this cover?

The other idea is to stick with a pill and heart-shaped smoke. That cover represents the idea of the love pill and was my initial vision of how I wanted my book to look.

But is it interesting enough? It is pleasing to the eye? And isn’t there too much of a repeat on the cover? After all, it says pill three times.


The two covers have a completely different feel to them and I am asking for your help to decide which is most appropriate for the book.


Which one fits the best with the book?

Which one would you proudly put on your shelf?

Which one would you stop and take a look?


Cast your vote in the poll and decide the cover for The love pill!




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