My Winter Wolf

I am writing a new serial, called My Winter Wolf! So far, we are 3 volumes in. Check it out:

The Rafe clan has long lost their ability to shift into their true wolf form. Akira Rafe is one of the few people who is still born with a wolf. Only every seven years, one person is given the honour to release the animal inside their chest. This year, it is Akira’s turn to become the Winter Wolf. But for this once in a life time ritual, she needs the blessing from the Winter Stone. Which has gone missing. Just her luck.

On her desperate quest to retrieve the Stone and finally embrace her true nature, she comes across wolf shifters – real ones, who can still shift. One of them seems to be her mate. Maybe even two of them… But how can she be sure without her wolf there to guide her?

Start reading Akira’s journey here: