White Wolf, Black Wolf

(Origin Story from My Winter Wolf & Triple Threat)

Genre: I’m not even sure… But there’s magic?

Currently in: Breaking the Myth

Yin and yang, black and white, no shadow without the light. Neither can exist without the other. Or can they?

Kuro is determined to find out if he can break away from his twin and if so, what the consequences would be. After all, why would the world need two wolves?


Grimm’s Dweller

(From the Dweller Universe)

Genre: UF? (I suck at genres, I’m sorry)

Currently in: Once Upon A Twist


Mary F*cking Christmas

Genre: RH, contemporary romance (steamy)

Currently in: Snow & Seduction


Beyond The Northern Lights

Genre: MF, long-distance, sci-fi

Currently in: Nip of Frost


Until Death Do Us Part

Genre: FF, contemporary romance

Currently in: United In Love