My own human

Two species. Two women. One story.

At only 265 years young, vampire Adrianna has her whole life ahead of herself. But instead of planning out her future, she keeps digging up old history. Human history, to be exact. So far she knows that humans were smart and resourceful, made both love and war, and are undeniably extinct.

So can you imagine her surprise when she stumbles upon Heather, a young woman that loves fresh air, dances in the rain, and likes her heartbeat regular. Oh, and is as human as they come.

Forced to share the same house, they effortlessly annoy the crap out of each other. Yet unexpectedly, Adrianna finds herself falling head over heels for the human girl.

So how do a vampire and a human build a relationship when one of them isn’t even supposed to exist? Where did Heather even come from? And what secret has she been hiding from Adrianna all this time?

How could this possibly end well?

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This story was finished on 10 June 2017 and I am in the process of rewriting and editing. For now, you can find their whole adventure on Wattpad. But hopefully, by the end of this year, I will be able to release it to you, fully edited and published!

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