Chapter 41. Silence

When Heather and I finally made it home after J dropped that bomb on us, we were speechless and restless. She paced endless circles around my couch while I almost pulled the hairs out of my head from stress.

Many times, we tried to get the conversation going, but every time our eyes met, we crawled back. We were just too afraid to say the things that were worrying us, afraid that saying them would make them real.

For now, they were just stuck in our head as worries. But when you say something out loud, when you release words into the universe, they suddenly become something. They become real.

And we weren’t ready for that.

But the silence was bearing down on us and it was bearing down on us hard. We were scared, without a shadow of a doubt.

But scared of what exactly? I knew what I was scared of, but Heather seemed equally as frightened and I just couldn’t tell what was haunting her the hardest.

Was she scared the virus might mutate and attack her?

Was she afraid she had contaminated her family?

Maybe she feared that this ordeal would expose her human world?

Or… Was she terrified of losing me…?

Heather was the first one that broke the silence. I guess her nerves were eating her up from the inside out and she just couldn’t take it anymore.

‘ Do you hate me?’ Her voice trembled as she released her worries into the world, ready for them to become real.

There were many things I was worrying over, but as soon as she said those words, my heart just stopped.

From all the things I thought she’d worry about, this one never even crossed my mind.

‘ W-What…? Why, why would I hate you?’ I stammered, my brows furrowing in confusion.

‘ Because this is all my fault! It is my fault that you are sick now. Because of me! If I had known this could’ve happened, I would’ve nev…’

‘ NO! Don’t say that.’ I interrupted her, not wanting to hear words that would hurt me more than anything else. ‘ Don’t take us back.’

‘ But…’

I stood up and joined her at the window. It was a foggy day, but then again, it was always kinda foggy. The sun only barely came through and it gave the air a weird glow.

It seemed windy today. I could see how she tugged on people’s clothes and made them slightly flutter as they ran about.

It seemed like a calm day, yet there was a storm raging through my heart.

I reached for Heather’s hands and even though she flinched away, I tightly grabbed them and urged her to look up at me. I was sick of the people I cared about flinching around me.

‘ No buts. We couldn’t have predicted this would happen. And we can’t go back and undo our journey. We can only accept that this is the outcome and we’ll just have to deal with it.

‘ We…?’

‘ Yes, of course, we. You don’t think this is breaking us up, do you?’

She sniffled, but for the first time since the bad news, a faint smile appeared on her pink lips. ‘ I sincerely hope not.’

‘ J is a brilliant scientist. If there is anyone who can figure it out, it is her. And even if she can’t… Well… I’ll be honest with you. I never planned on becoming human.’

Her face fell as I uttered those words and I could see the whirlpool of worries rage through her mind.

Maybe not the best way to start…

‘I have always loved studying humans and their habits. They have fascinated me, intrigued me but I never wanted to become like them. Like you…’

I could see a sadness appear in her eyes that made me ache to the very core of my being. Damn, I was messing this up.

My words were hurting her instead of reassuring her, so I gently cupped her face as I pressed my forehead against hers. I hope this showed her I wasn’t trying to hurt her.

‘ But the truth is… Turning human…? It doesn’t sound like such a bad fate if it means I get to do it with you.’ I confessed, saying things I never thought I would.

I heard her swallow a lump in her throat and she curtly nodded as a single tear kissed the ground.

‘ We are gonna be okay. I promise you.’ I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her in one of the tightest hugs I had ever given her.

After all, if my body kept deteriorating, there would come a point in time that I would be just as weak as her.

No. There would come a moment that I would be just as strong as her. And when that happened, I wouldn’t have to worry about accidentally hurting her.

For the first time, we would truly be standing on an equal footing. And frankly, I would have paid any price for that to happen.

For us to just be two people. Nothing more, nothing less. Just two souls that were separated at the beginning of time, finally connecting inside the universe of chaos.

She opened her mouth and I knew she had more worries on her mind, so I just kissed her for reassurance. That was all that it was. A kiss soft and tender to silence her worrisome mind.

And we just looked at each other. Two blue eyes looking into one blue and one purple eye, staring like we had never seen each other before. In a sense, we hadn’t.

She had always seen my purple eyes and I had never seen her through a blue one. But by the gods, was she beautiful. She left me speechless. And by her silence, I gathered I did the same for her. To be fair, there was nothing left to be said. Our fears wouldn’t rule what came next. We would decide. Together.

There was nothing left to say. So we did the one thing there was left to do. We made love.

In the midst of it all, we found each other.

And it was sweet and gentle, but nevertheless urgent and passionate. Almost desperate.

In a way, I guess we both were desperate. Desperate to touch each other, to feel each other, to taste each other, to love each other.

I don’t know how much time passed. But then again, I never really cared much about time.

Time had never been of the essence for me, but I guess it was because time had never been an issue. There was so much time.

It was the one thing we all had. And the idea of running out of it was just ridiculous.

But yet, as my life was disappearing like sand through my fingers, I still didn’t care.

I didn’t want to care.

Every moment that passed was just so precious, so beautiful that it was almost a sin to waste it on worrying about the fleetingness of it.

In fact. It made it even more beautiful. Every moment that passed was so fleeting, so fragile that you couldn’t but enjoy it. After all. If you didn’t pay attention, that moment would pass without you ever having truly experienced it. It could slip by you and there was no way you could ever get it back.

And that just made it… Precious.

And before this, before Heather, I would have never thought about time in this sense.

Then again, I never really thought about time. Why worry about something that you have an almost infinite amount of?

I didn’t worry about the air I breathed, I didn’t worry about the water I drank. I didn’t worry about how much love I could give or how much tears I could cry. And I certainly didn’t worry about all the time I had.

If you have 1000 years to live, you never worry about not having enough time. 1000 years is plenty to live any life you want, many times over even, until you are completely spent and leaving this world seems like a welcome change.

And as those thoughts raged through my head as a whirlwind, Heather silenced the storm with a simple kiss that resonated with my core.

She found something deep inside of me that purred at her very presence. And like every good adventure, she planted her flag on me.

And so we revelled. We revelled in this moment. In each other. And all the noises from the world dampened and eventually disappeared. It was about as silent and quiet as it could get.

There was just Heather and me. Just us. And for a moment, or for an eternity, I couldn’t be sure, we were timeless. Unbound from this world and bound to each other. If it was up to me, I could’ve stayed here forever. I would’ve.

But as time does, it passes. And this moment too, passed.

When we came to an end, we weren’t sure how much time had actually gone by. And we didn’t really care. Why would we?

‘ We really are gonna be okay… Aren’t we?’ Heather murmured as she sleepily drew circles on my upper arm.

I softly planted a kiss on her temple, before pulling her closer into me. ‘ We really are.’

‘ You know what?’

‘ What?’ I hummed, watching as her slender fingers drew invisible figures on my skin.

She perked up in my arms and pushed a stray lock of hair behind my ear. ‘ I like your new eyes. They hold a new glint… It’s almost… Like you found something important. It makes you… It makes you look almost at peace.’

I gently smiled. She really did know me. And I think she hit the nail on the head. ‘ I think I am.’

She grinned and with twinkling eyes, she nestled herself back into me. ‘ I just thought of something else.’

‘ Oh yeah? What is that?’ I lazily smiled as I hugged her warmly.

‘ This time around, you will actually be my human…’


The end


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