My Winter Wolf

The Rafe clan long lost their ability to shift into their true wolf form. Akira is one of the few still born with one. Only every seven years, one person can free their animal. This year, it’s supposed to be Akira’s turn to become the Winter Wolf. But for this ritual, she needs the blessing from the Winter Stone. Which has gone missing. Just her luck.

Wolf’s Whisper is the first book in the series My Winter Wolf. It can be read in one go, or you can purchase it in 5 smaller volumes starting with Awakening (My Winter Wolf Serial). For those who have followed the serial, Wolf’s Whisper will include two bonus scenes, but you can effortlessly move on to book 2 from the serial. It all depends on your personal preference!

Book 2 Wolf’s Cage will release around May 2018 and will continue Akira’s quest to find the Winter Stone

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