Short Stories

An assortment of small stories that satisfy your craving for reading, even when you don’t really have the time.

They are the perfect length to read when you have to wait or to calm your nerves, to entertain you on a bus ride or have that quick trip into an imaginary world right before you take off for work or school.

With books, you can get fully immersed in the characters’ lives. Here, you can catch a quick glimpse.




Daydreaming. Don’t we all do it? This is a story about your eye falling on a beautiful stranger and without even meaning to, imagining an unrealistic, but idealistic future with them. A beautiful daydream.

So what kind of fantasies does one dream up when you see a beautiful woman? And do things ever become more than just a fantasy? Read more



What happens when two best friends find themselves locked up in a small cell, incapable of avoiding each other? And will they finally address the tension that has been hanging between them from day 1?

Find out how a drunken night and a simple game of truth and dare between Jenn and Abby will forever change their friendship. Read more



A troubled love story told from both sides that shows everyone is fighting their own fight. And only when you know both stories, you can truly understand what draws people together and what makes them stay.

Because love is complicated and those who pursue it, often find themselves in complicated situations.

Jess and Alex find themselves caught in a game of cat and mouse, a game of pulling and pushing. So how do two people with insecurities and ghosts from the past move on together to make it work?

Unfortunately wanting Alex

The story written from Jess’ point of view. Will she be able to look through Alex’ thick skin and years of self-loathing to see what is underneath? Read more

 Fortunately wanting Jess

The story told by how Alex sees things. Will she know how to let go of the past that haunts her and finally get what she has been wanting all along. The girl? Read more



Follows two best friends Ryan and Brandon after a good night out in the town that will change the course of their lives and friendship. How? You decide!

This is a “your choice” short story, which means you get to decide the course of action and how things end. Keep reading and be the one to make the key decisions as you read. Depending on what you choose, the story will have a different end and, of course, a different outcome. Read more