The Love Pill

“ What if you had a tiny pill that could change attraction into love?”

With killer green eyes and smouldering looks, Cara Hemlock
is supposed to charm, seduce, and then deceive Lexi Zellichman.

The only things she needs? Her wits and the help of a little love pill.

So will Cara’s usual tricks work on her very first female target? Will Lexi be able to resist the beautiful woman coming her way? And without taking the love pill herself, what is Cara’s excuse for falling head over heels in love?


The love pill is a refreshing twist on the age old story about finding love.

It shows that love can be found during times you never thought were possible, in places you didn’t know that existed and mostly, with people you would least expect it with.


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Review of the Love Pill; By K. Paulson

Supposedly straight Cara Hemlock is sent by her agency to find information and do whatever is necessary to attain this information from Lexi Zilchman.

Lexi, still broken by her loss, has her defences high. However, inexplicably, Lexi feels comfortable enough with Cara to let down her guard. Lexi instinctively trusts Cara and doesn’t feel like she has to pretend to be someone she is not. The irony is that Cara is pretending to be into Lexi as much as Lexi appears to be into her. Or is she?

At what point is the “pill” involved? Is what the women feel for each other “real” or is it just about a “pill” and a mission to accomplish?

ArizonaTape presents the impeccable balance of angst, self-discovery, intrigue, tears, hope, and love in her book “Love Pill.” This story entertains and inspires, as a well-written romance should. ArizonaTape is not afraid to tackle the concept that, despite even our own definitions of self… “Love is Love.” We want to see love allowing someone to abandon their defences and be their most unfiltered self and still feel acceptance… without the hidden motives that are presented to each character. I recommend you read “Love Pill” and find out.

K. Paulson, apart from writing poetry, also does proofreading and editing. You can find more about her here.



  1. Siera Patti

    Absolutely loved this book! I couldn’t take my hands off of it when I first got it! It id definitely one of my favourite books! ArizonaTape did a marvellous job at writing this book! Kept me hooked from start to finish! Definitely a 5/5!

  2. msmusicful

    This book was the best book I’ve read on Wattpad and my first original book I’ve read on Wattpad. There are just so many things that go through my head each chapter I read. Like ‘what ifs’ and ‘this’ or ‘that’ happens to both of the characters. Whats funny is that my first name is Cara, and that is what caught my eye when I read the description of the book. What also got me thinking is what is this ‘Pill’, “I wonder what this Love Pill does,” or, “is love genuine as it seems.” I always read it every night and I can’t seem to stop myself until I forget I need to sleep for school the next day. Man, so much to say and so much emotion to express for this wonderful book. I recommended my friends to read “The Love Pill” and I hope they do read it because I give this book a good 5/5.

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