Triple Threat

Triple Threat is a sister series to My Winter Wolf universe and has recurring characters. It can be read on its own, but it’s recommended to read Wolf’s Whisper first.

Danny’s Dance

A wolf, a human, and an assassin walk into a barn. It sounds like the beginning of a joke, but for Danny, this is her life. Running from one abandoned barn to the next, Danny and her three men desperately try to outrun all the death and destruction. But how do you outrun a war that was started over you?

Danny’s Dance is the first novella in the Triple Threat series.

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Regan’s Redemption

Knock knock. Whose there? Regan. Regan who? Regan, your lost son.

As a child, Regan had no chance of standing up against his parents. Sneaking away like a thief in the night was all he could do. But as all things do, they come back around. But this time, he has Danny and his friends with him. Will the power of their wolves be enough to stand up against his mother? Or will Danny be the one paying for his mistakes?

Regan’s Redemption is the second novella in the Triple Threat series.

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Darren’s Downfall

Why did the wolf cross the road? To get to the castle.

It’s not a funny joke, but then again, nothing about Darren’s life is funny. With his responsibilities of a King-to-be, an abusive ex, and an impending war, Darren has a lot on his plate. Old lives meet new ones, and things are ready to explode. Can Darren find the right balance between the two, or will his love for Danny be his downfall?

Darren’s Downfall is the third novela in the Triple Threat series

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JP’s Journey

JP’s Journey is the fourth and last novella in the Triple Threat series and will release in the spring of 2018. Subscribe to the Newsletter to keep up to date!