Day 2. The beginning of the end of the world

Today is the second day of the 30-day writing challenge. This one was really tricky for me. And I believe it will be tricky for every writer. After all, we have been trying so hard not to be boring so to forget everything I have learned over all the years of writing was really not that easy.

Being intentionally boring is really hard…

But hey, I tried! That is what counts, right? Maybe some of you already think my work is boring, so that is a plus… For this challenge…

So, here we go:

Day 2: Share the most incredible thing you’ve ever seen in the most boring tone possible.

Beware. This will be boring. At least I will try. I have never tried to write something boring because well, who would want to read that anyway? If I really wanted to write something boring, I would just shorten it in.
I went to the beach one day. We ate lunch in the sand and walked near the sea. We sat down and looked at the water. Then we went home. The end.

But that just doesn’t seem like a challenge. Because when you read this, you don’t know how amazing the experience actually was. So I will attempt to write something boring that somehow still conveys how amazing it was.

Okay, so it was just a day. I don’t remember exactly which day because I don’t really care. I went with some friend to the beach so we could have a lunch full of sand while being surrounded by a group seagulls, you know, whatever.

And then after eating lukewarm potato salad and some kind of sandwiches, we went for the most boring thing there is in the world.

A walk.

We just walked and walked and walked and all we saw was sea and sand, sea and sand, the occasional old man, but mostly sea and sand.

I mean, that is what the beach is. Sea and sand.

So then we walked up against this enormous wave breaker because it seemed less boring than all the sand and we just sat down.

And we stared at the sea.

And all we saw was sea and air. Sea and air and more seagulls. The wind was salty and it tangled up my hair.

There was water in front of me, water beside me, water behind me. Waves and waves of endless nothing.

Waves that crashed against the structure that we sat on. It kinda looked like a heap of old tires. And the waves kept crashing. Over and over again. Just waves, coming and going. And the wind kept blowing sand in my eyes and made more knots in my hair.

Water and wind. That was all.

And we just looked at the nothingness. Silently, immovably, peacefully.








And after half an hour of water and wind, we got up and left. We had enough and there were other things we had to do.

Who cares about the beginning of the end of the world anyway.

There, if you didn’t make it to the end, yay for me. That means I bored you enough that you stopped reading. If not, hi, welcome to the end of the boring — not-boring little part.

It really was quite difficult. Writing boring stuff is easy, but trying to show how cool something is while sounding boring, now that is quite hard.

I hope I kinda succeeded, but am not sure.

What do you think?

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