Day 8. The silent side of heartbreak that you don’t see

From all the topics in this challenges, this one is sadly enough, by far the easiest to write about. Hell, I could probably write a book about heartbreak. I actually already might have done that. Oops.

Anyway, here we go with a new topic:

Day 8. Describe heartbreak


So… Heartbreak.

The funny thing about heartbreak is that when other people describe it, it always sounds… Pardon my choice of words, ridiculous. So today I won’t wallow on about my personal experience with Heartbreak, but rather, I will try to describe it in general.

1. Heartbreak looks completely different than it feels. And that makes it so difficult to describe. Everyone goes through it a different way and shows it in a different way.

It looks irrational because we treat heartbreak as something irrational.

We wonder how we can be so heartbroken over something that just didn’t work out. We wonder how something that was so beautiful could backfire like that. We just don’t understand where all he love we held has to go now.

We don’t understand what to do with an empty heart when the love has run out through the cracks.

Heartbreak doesn’t look like love. Love is loud and bold. But heartbreak, although it might come out looking eccentric and loud, it isn’t.

2. Heartbreak is strong and stubborn. It doesn’t listen to any rational thought or doesn’t yield to any substance. You can’t drown it with liquor, can’t smoke it away, can’t shoot it away. You can try, but heartbreak is a strong being and it just won’t leave.

The only thing that can slowly break it down, as cliché as it sounds, is time.

3. Heartbreak isn’t a constant pain. It doesn’t hurt all the time. Most of us are probably heartbroken and are still going through life, at times even forgetting that our hearts are damaged.

Because let’s face it. You don’t need a fully functioning and perfect heart to go through daily life.

4. Heartbreak is silent. It isn’t the voice that screams: “let’s go out” or “let’s meet new people”. That is you trying to avoid the heartbreak by drowning it out with loud music, sloppy kisses, and meaningless flings.

Heartbreak is that one silent voice that whispers: “are you sure?”, “ should we even try”, “ I don’t know if this will work”, “ I am scared.”

5. Heartbreak is sneaky. It wants you to believe it is gone, but when there is the slightest possibility of love, it comes back out. It is triggered by the slightest of things and the most unexpected of things. But once in a while, unexpectedly and unannounced, we are reminded that a part of our heart doesn’t work anymore. That we are wounded and scarred. Bruised on the inside without anything to show for it.

And heartbreak feels like the end of the world. It feels like it will never get better and it wants you to believe that.

Heartbreak is your heart being scared. It is scared you will stop being heartbroken. It is scared you will heal. It is scared that one day you will feel be healed enough to try to love all over again and risk getting your heart shattered once more.

If heartbreak was a simple thing to describe, there wouldn’t be thousands and thousands of books and poems about it.

If heartbreak was uncommon, I would be able to walk into a room and ask if there is anyone there that isn’t heartbroken. I guarantee you that nobody will raise their hand.


If heartbreak was unsurvivable, the human race would have been long gone by now.
All the books and poems, all the movies and music, all the artworks and paintings about heartbreak are made by heartbroken people. And they are still standing, still creating, still living.

And so, if you think that heartbreak is the end, I will point towards the rest of us and say that everyone around you is a living testimony that heartbreak isn’t the end.

Heartbreak might be the hardest thing you will every do, but it won’t be the last thing you’ll do.

That is heartbreak.

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