Fortunately wanting Jess; a short story

Warning: This story contains trigger words and briefly touches upon harsh subjects. Read with care.

I groaned when I saw her walk into the office. As usual, she was smiling, but she had this air over her that irritated me beyond reason. Ugh, I couldn’t stand her. With her seemingly perfect smile and her seemingly perfect life. It annoyed the fuck out of me.

As always she passed me by, a friendly smile on her lips as she nodded me goodmorning. As always I just glared at her and rolled my eyes at her, barely acknowledging her presence.

To be fair, that was the only reason why I could afford to be this bitchy. It didn’t affect our work performances. Or at least, it didn’t effect my work performances. I had no idea nor did I care if she minded.

She walked past the table again and in the process ‘accidentally’ yanked a whole pile of files down on the floor.

‘ WATCH IT! Don’t you have eyes in your head? You have, why don’t you use them? Shit, you are so clumsy!’ I cursed heavily, exploding at her.

She started whimpering. ‘ I, sorry, oh, I’m so sorry. Let me-‘

But I cut her off. ‘ Don’t!’

I sighed and bowed down.

‘ Don’t touch anything, you’ll probably make a giant mess anyway. Just… F*cking walk away. Shoo.’ I snapped, not in the mood for this shit. The day had already started bad and it was only gonna get worse.

I had woken up screaming in fear from my nightmares. My alarm hadn’t even gone off yet. Understandably. It was only 5AM.

After the nightmares, I never could go back to sleep, so I spent my morning cleaning and tidying my little flat. And I hated cleaning, so that said a lot.
It had been two years and there were still times that I woke up screaming from my night terrors.

Two years since I lost my roommate. We had been living together and one day when I came home, I had found her knocked out on the floor. Her beautiful long hair was tangled around her face, her cheeks wet with tears.

Some thugs had broken into our house, had robbed us blind and unfortunately, my roommate had been home when it happened.

They had beaten her until she was blue, raped her until they were satisfied and had humiliated her beyond repair.

And even so, as she laid on our cold floor, there was still a lingering sense of grace surrounding her that I wouldn’t know how to explain.

She assured me she was alright and that it wasn’t my fault, and stupid and ignorant I was, I had believed her. I had believed that if she was still strong enough to lie for my benefit, that she would be strong enough to survive this tragedy.

I was wrong.

Two weeks after the incident, she slid her wrists in our bathtub. I guess she just couldn’t take it anymore.

They sometimes say that there is some kind of calamity and serenity that befalls the dead and up till that day, I had never seen it. To me, dead people just looked dead.

But not her. She went out with a smile on her lips and I could imagine how she had greeted death as an old friend and had embraced him in relief.

And that haunted me till this day.

After that tragedy, I had to move out because I couldn’t stand living in that house.

I couldn’t stand walking where those guys had brutally forced themselves on her.

I couldn’t stand sleeping in a house where she had felt unsafe up until her last breath.

I couldn’t forget how her blood had stained our bathtub red.

I couldn’t exist in a place where she had once had lived.

That night they didn’t just steal our possessions, they robbed my roommate of her life and they robbed me of my roommate.

She had been my best friend, my partner in crime, my rock.

And every night they haunted my dreams. Sometimes I dreamt about the thugs roughly violating my best friend while she begged me to help her and me not being able to move.

Sometimes I dreamt about finding her again after they had left. How she had been all broken and damaged. How after that, her body seemed to be weighted down by the cost of living.

Sometimes I dreamt about finding her cold body in our bathroom, her blood dripping down on the floor, staining the carpet red like a painter colours his canvas.

Sometimes I dreamt about drowning in a sea of her blood. Swimming for air as I tried to scream for help, but that dream always ended with my lungs filling up with blood and me awakening in tears.

Sometimes I dreamt about her coming back as a ghost, haunting me, yelling and blaming me for what had happened to her. For believing she had been okay, for not being capable of helping her.

Because if it hadn’t been for me, she would have never been home. I had told her that day that her boyfriend had been cheating on her.

We had plans with friends, but she didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t go out. So I had left her alone at the house, convincing myself she needed space, even though I knew I should’ve stayed with her.

If I had, she wouldn’t have been alone when they broke in and although I know I wouldn’t have been able to save her, at least she wouldn’t have been alone. Nobody deserves to be alone as they go through hell.

After it happened, I wallowed in guilt and anger for a good while.

It took me over a year to process it all and even though I now knew it wasn’t my fault, I still couldn’t control my guilt-ridden dreams.

My roommate had been the sweetest thing ever, even though she had more sass than six gay guys combined. She was sarcastic, hilarious and entertaining.

And that’s why I hated Jessica so much. Her attitude reminded me of my roommate and I just couldn’t stand it. I just couldn’t handle it. It just wasn’t fair.

I had to look at Jessica everyday, watch her walk in every morning with a smile on her face like this world was a happy place.

If that hadn’t been bad enough, tonight there was a party going on that I had to attend. And as I soon found out, she lived next door, so I was almost certainly gonna run into her. Great.

Once at the party, I started downing the drinks like they were sodas. I know that’s bad, but I just wanted to… Just wanted to forget. Just for a while.

And so I drank myself almost into oblivion. I drank so much, I almost forgot about my troubles and my roommate.

That’s when I noticed her.

Jessica was standing in a corner, looking bored like hell. For the first time, I thoroughly studied her and, reluctantly, admitted that she was actually incredibly beautiful.

I had been drinking so much, I almost forgot why I hated her.

That is when I noticed my feet moving on their own accord and before I knew it, I was standing in front of her.

‘ Jessica, hey, how are you?’ I intended to ask, but instead I heard myself yell: ‘ Jesssssss! Heeeeeeeeyyyyyy Girrrrllll!!’

What. The. Hell.

Why would I pretend like we actually knew each other?

No. No. Bad idea. Time to move!

I tried to walk away, but my left foot got caught behind my right leg and to prevent myself from kissing the floor, I grabbed the first thing that I could get hold on. Which was Jessica.


She was suddenly so very close and it made me a little bit dizzy. She was warm and soft and I liked how her body felt pressed against mine. It almost felt familiar.

I don’t know why, but at that moment, sleeping with Jessica seemed like the best idea in the world.

I don’t know how I managed to actually bed her, but once I kissed her sweet lips, a spark jumped from her body to mine and ignited the coals in my stomach. Coals that up till that moment, I had forgotten that they still existed.

And yet, without warning, they fired up into the biggest bonfire that could roam through my body and somehow it warmed my cold limbs.

When I woke up the next morning, I noticed how her arm was casually slung over my waist, our legs tangled up and my head pressed in the crook of her neck.


My head was pounding, my stomach was doing flip-flops, making me queasy and my inner voice was screaming: ALEXANDRA, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?

I let out a big unsteady breath and slipped out of the bed. I gathered my clothes and quickly put on my underwear. I couldn’t run out of her flat fast enough and clothed the rest of me in the hallway as I hasted back home.

The walk home there was only one word going through my head. Error. Error. Error. Error.

All the way through my shower and my commute to work, I heard the alarm going off in my head, warning me to back away. Screaming over the little voice that was whispering things to me that I couldn’t afford to listen to.

I felt horrible for what I had done and the only thing that was gonna help was coffee. I somehow managed to make a fresh pot without throwing up in the pot or on the floor.

‘ Help yourselves, just make sure I still have a cup.’ I muttered to my colleagues who were already circling the coffee maker like vultures.

I made my way to my office and grabbed my personal mug, but when I came back I saw Jessica standing next to the machine. Her back looked happy as she poured herself a cup of joe, taking the last out of the pot.

I stared at her and felt my stomach make another flip-flop as I watched her long hairs fall down her slender back. This time I suspected the flip-flop had nothing to do with all the liquor my stomach had to process.

I scoffed and tore my eyes away from her. I didn’t wanna fall for a girl like that. I wasn’t gonna fall for a girl like that.

Love makes you weak. Love makes you vulnerable. My love for my best friend almost destroyed me.

So that’s why I extinguished the fire burning in my stomach and acted like always, bitching to her about the coffee. It was the only thing that prevented me from pushing her against the counter and having my wicked way with her until she was the only thing I could remember.

When I walked away from her, I could feel her eyes burn a hole in the back of my skull, but I just shrugged it off. She would get over it.

I would get over it.

The week went by slowly, but surely the end came in sight. Finally.

It had been a week from hell and it was just one more day after tonight.

Every morning I had woken up bathing in my own sweat and tears had been streaming down my face.

Every day my eyes involuntarily managed to find her and I found myself glaring at her. Glaring because I couldn’t stand her.

Glaring because she existed. Glaring because I got lumps in my throat when I looked at her. Glaring because she was the living embodiment of what I used to have and what I had lost.

Glaring because she was what I wanted.

I tried my hardest not to interact with her, but I found myself drawn to her like a moth to a flame.

Not wanting to let anyone know that she fascinated me, I made fun of her. I was mean and bitchy as I crushed my inner feelings for her.

Let me tell you, that’s exhausting.

But it was almost the end of the week. I wanted nothing more than just go home, but someone in my department threw a party in the office and it was social protocol to at least stay for one drink. So that’s what I did.

I grabbed myself a drink, deciding to make it my first and last. That’s when I saw Jessica standing at a table with some unknown colleagues. Suddenly one of the women cupped her face, swiped a finger across her cheek and “apparently” found an eyelash. I’m saying apparently because she took way too long and it looked more like she was flirting with Jess.

That’s when I angrily downed my drink in one gulp and grabbed another one. Why not.

After a couple of drinks, I was drunk. But sober enough to remember who I wanted. Or maybe drunk enough to give in to what I wanted. I’m not sure. At the moment there wasn’t much of a difference.

I just wanted one thing. I wanted Jess. And not having her was not an option.

So I made my way over there, pulled her towards me as I finally felt what I had been craving the last week. Her.

I enjoyed the feel of her soft skin under me and her sweet scent.

‘ You smell delicious.’ I whispered, pressing myself harder into her. I couldn’t see her face, but I knew she was blushing. I felt it.

So I kept whispering sweet nothings in her ear, trying to convince her to accompany me to the bathroom and turn the stall into a wild orgy of the flesh.

She kept resisting, but like I said, not having her was not an option.

I let my fingers creep under her blouse and let them wander over her bare skin. I sensed how she got goosebumps, how she let out a content sigh, how she pressed her soft body into mine. And it made me nothing but euphoric.

I pressed my head into the nook of her neck and heated it up with my breath.

‘ I’m horny for you.’ I purred in her ear, my voice low and seductive. I could feel the effect my words had on her body and grinned.

Good. I liked getting what I wanted.

She looked up and we stared in each others eyes. For the first time, I noticed how dark her eyes were and how deep they were. How if you kept staring at them, eventually you would be able to see her soul.

How they stared into mine like they were trying to see my soul. I had never been looked at like that before and it made my hunger for her even bigger.

So for a moment we just looked.

Then she blinked, sighed and nodded. ‘ Okay. Bathroom.’

I grinned and tried not to run to the bathroom. I entered, quickly checked all the stalls and luckily found them all empty.

When Jess opened the door, I couldn’t help myself and I immediately pushed her against the wall and attacked her neck with my lips. I explored her skin with my lips until I found her sweet spot.

Guided by her soft sighs, I travelled over her skin until she moaned loudly. I swiftly flicked my tongue over her exposed skin and started sucking and nibbling. She moaned again and I now knew for sure that this wasn’t gonna end without us having lots and lots of sex.

I snaked my arms around her waist, pulling her closer to me and in the process, making sure I locked the door.

I let my hands travel under her shirt and caressed her skin, trying to express my need for her.

‘ I want you.’ I suddenly heard myself beg.

‘ I want you too.’ Jess breathed and just hearing that made me moan in pleasure.

I hastily unbuttoned her shirt, got rid of her bra and pulled down her pants in one smooth motion. My hands roamed over her soft skin and my lips quickly followed. Slowly, but surely I found my way down.

As I was about to have a taste, she suddenly pulled me back up.

‘ Hey, this is not fair… I… I’m completely exposed and you are fully dressed.’ she panted, trying to pull my shirt over my head.

‘ Stop. I wanna taste you, now.’ I growled, my need for her growing untameable as the wildest beast.

‘ Please. Just undress?’ she whispered, her dark eyes finding mine again.

I groaned and rested my head against her lean stomach.

Normally I would just head back down and make the girls forget why they were even complaining, but this was Jess.

I urgently yanked my shirt over my head and dropped my pants. Her soft hands found the clasp of my bra and in a couple of seconds, I was butt naked.

‘ Better?’ I grinned, pressing my body against hers, enjoying how I now could completely feel her. This was a good idea. I smirked as I saw her relax underneath me.

‘ Better.’ she sighed.

I smiled and instead of moving down like I intended to, I turned my head and kissed her again. I wrapped my tongue around hers and felt how she contently sighed in my mouth.

That was the moment I knew that I didn’t just wanna have a quickie with her, but wanted to take my sweet merry time and do it slowly and properly.

It sucked that we were in a public bathroom and I couldn’t be as thorough as I wanted, so I promised myself that I would make it last the next time.
And while I made that promise, I pretended not to cringe when I heard myself say ‘next time.’

I didn’t know what I was doing.

I wanted Jess and I barely succeeded in admitting that to myself. I wasn’t even close to admitting it to her.

So that’s why I acted like a total bitch when she was around. It was the only way that I could interact with her without jumping her bones.

I could’ve also just ignored her, but I wanted to see her, hear her, talk to her, touch her.

So I behaved like a child and actually started fights and arguments with her. Just to get her full attention, even if it was just for a couple of minutes.

Right now I was yelling at her. I’m not even sure why. I think I started bitching because I thought she smelled too intoxicating.

‘ Why don’t you just stay away from me?!’ I shouted while poking her shoulder harshly with my index finger. I saw her flinch and immediately regretted how I acted. Here I was, yelling at her and making a scene when I actually wanted to whisper softly in her ear and tenderly kiss her neck.

‘ I…’

I saw the colour drain from her face and she looked like she lost her ability of speech.

I was being so mean that I made her speechless. Go me.

And to make matters worse I added: ‘ Fuck, you are so annoying.’

That’s when I saw her blink rapidly to keep her tears from falling. I felt my heart ache and I knew that was the reason why I had to stay away from her. That’s why I couldn’t be with her. She made my heart ache and I made her ache.

So I turned around, not daring to open my mouth anymore since the words I spewed out were pure evil anyway.

I succeeded in not giving into the temptation that was Jess. At least, not sober.

Unfortunately, we had our work setting in common, we lived in the same area so we went to the same bars and we had some shared friends as well.

So as it turned out, I happened to find myself more than often in the same setting as her and when I had some drinks I noticed how my feet automatically directed me towards her. And somehow, despite the bitch that I was, I always managed to take her home or go home with her.

Thing is, every night I spent with her made me more addicted to her and I caught myself longing for her.

Sadly, today was no different. I was staring over the kitchen table at Jess. She was talking to a friend and he must’ve said something funny, because her laughter filled the room. I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and only silently wished that I was the one talking to her and the one making her laugh.

I know I could be, but in a way, I also couldn’t. I couldn’t let myself get close to her because I knew that I would inevitably and irrationally hard fall for her.

Somehow I managed to tear my eyes away from her, but the sound of her laughter echoed in my head for the rest of the day.

Later that night I went out to a bar, trying to drink away… Her.

Drinking usually helped me forget anything and everything. I forgot about my duties, my responsibilities, my problems, my despairs, my nightmares. I forgot about my friends, my family, my enemies, my lovers and sometimes I even forgot myself.

But things with Jess were different. Instead of forgetting about the situation and her, it became the only thing I could think about.

As I poured drink after drink in me, more thoughts disappeared from my mind until the only thing left was Jess.

After a couple of drinks, I just wanted to see her. I wasn’t drunk, I was actually very cognitively aware of what I was doing.

Still, I used the couple of drinks I had as the excuse I needed to let myself see Jess. I fooled myself in believing that I only wanted to see her because I was drunk. I told myself that when I sobered up, I could tell myself that I only did it because I was drunk, that the influence of alcohol made me do this.

I drank so I could have an excuse the next morning for my own behaviour.

Pretty pathetic, yeah, I know.

But it was the only way.

I took a cab, made my way over to Jess’ house and rang the doorbell.

When she opened the door, she looked genuinely surprised to see me.

‘ Alex? Ehmm… What are you doing here?’

‘ I was in the neighbourhood.’ I fake-slurred, letting her believe I was drunker than I actually was.

‘ Are you… Are you drunk?’

‘ Only a little!’ I giggled, surprising myself how good I was at faking being drunk. Or maybe I was actually drunk. Or maybe I was so drunk that I thought I was good at being fake drunk…

‘ Ooookay… Why are you here?’

‘ I wanted to see you.’ I blurted out. Oops. I was not gonna say that.

Shit. I was drunker than I thought.

Jess opened her mouth, probably to say something like ‘ You should go home.’ but she never found her words. Instead of waiting, I pressed my lips against hers, robbing her of her speech once more.

I found her melting by my kiss and after a couple of seconds, her lips started moving against mine.

I pushed her inside her flat, closed the door and grinned. Now was the perfect time for a long and passionate night.

Sleeping with Jess became a habit.

I tried to resist the pull she had on me, but after a couple of weeks I just gave up. I was done battling with myself. I gave into my desires and I found myself ringing her doorbell every night.

Still. I had admitted to myself that I wanted her, but I wasn’t admitting anything to her anytime soon. When I left for her house, I made sure that I had something strong to drink, mostly just a couple of sips, so my breath would smell like alcohol.

The first days she would ask where I had been and my answer was always: in a pub.

After a week, she stopped asking and just assumed that I was drunk. Or maybe she knew I wasn’t and was just smart enough not to mention it. I don’t know.

It didn’t really matter. I kept spending the night, sleeping with her. It was a one-night stand that had grown into something else. Something that was not a one-night stand.

I don’t think either of us knew what to call this, but it definitely wasn’t a one-night stand.

I knew it wasn’t since I allowed myself to sleep over. I allowed myself to fall asleep with my arms wrapped around her waist and my legs tangled with hers. We slept so utterly intertwined that my body fully engulfed hers.

And for the first time in two years, I slept without night terrors.

Being with Jess, sleeping with Jess made me feel safe. It made me forget about how dark the world was.

No, it made me realise that in the darkness, there was still light.
But I could never tell her that. I could never tell her what she was doing to me.

I kept acting cold and distant in the day and after a while, she understood that us sleeping together didn’t change anything. But because of that, knocking on her door at night always had my heart beating nervously.

What if one night she decided she had enough of my unsteady behaviour?

What if one night she would manage to send me away?

But that didn’t happen. Something else did.

One day she approached me during work. Something she had never done before. It was an unspoken rule. We didn’t interact at work or anywhere else. I would just show up in the evening and leave before it was morning, sneaking in and out of her life like a thief in the night.

‘ Alex?’

I sighed. Being cold to her had become harder and harder.

‘ Hmm. What?’ I groaned. ‘ Can’t you see I’m busy?’ I tried snapping. I looked up at her and saw how her cheeks were flushed. This was something serious.

‘ What are we?

I almost choked on my own spit. What? Fuck. Why would she ask that? Why now? Why here?

What was I supposed to answer?

‘ Sorry?’ I blurted, trying to gain some more time, still not comprehending what the fuck was actually happening.

‘ We, us, what are we.’

Shit. Was there a “we”? Did I want us to be a “we”?


No. I can’t.

‘ There is no “we”.’ I managed to say, somehow succeeding in sounding sure and hiding how much my insides were screaming: YES.

I saw her face fall. I could see the pain in her eyes. I was finally certain that our nights had truly meant something, to her and to me. But this was for the best.

‘ So, why do you keep coming to my flat to sleep with me?’

That’s when I used the ‘drunk’ excuse. But I went overboard. I said something really, really stupid. I called her “my drunk mistake”.

She wasn’t my drunk mistake. She wasn’t a mistake.

But I had said it and I couldn’t take it back. I wanted to. I just couldn’t.

‘ Oh. Okay. Sorry that I wasted your time.’ she snapped, her voice was hard and when I looked at her eyes they were blank. In less than a second, she had hidden her whole universe.

I had never seen her this emotionless, this distant, this cold, this… This hurt.

She turned away and for the first time, she was the one walking away and I wasn’t doing anything to stop her. All I did was watching her leave.

I was letting her go.

And I cursed myself for it, but at the same time it was me, and only me that held myself back.

I found myself at her doorstep every night again, but this time, instead of pretending to be drunk, I was drunk.

I had to battle with my nightmares again, I had to struggle through the day as I fought my demons. And every night that she turned me down, I lost.

And the only one I could blame was myself. I fucked it up. I ruined it. I.

Every night I would ask her if I could stay. I would beg her if I could stay.

But she didn’t budge. She just looked at me, her eyes filled with compassion and a twinge of pity. She would send me home and every night I crawled in my own, lonely bed.

I would tell myself that I tomorrow was the last time I would try. That I would give up on her after tomorrow night.

But there was always another tomorrow night.

And in the day, I would just stare at her. Remember what used to be, what we used to have.

Somehow, everyday, I caught her eye, but she never looked at me the same way like she used to.

She looked at me, but at the same time, she just stared through me, like she didn’t know me. Like she couldn’t see me. Like I wasn’t there. Like I didn’t exist. And it killed me.

Today was no different. Or actually, it was. Today I caught her looking at me, I caught her in the reflection of a window. She was staring at me, a soft look in her eyes, a smile on her lips. She looked like she saw me.

That one look gave me so much courage it almost scared me. That’s when I decided that I was gonna do this differently.

That night I showed up on her doorstep. The smell of alcohol prominent on my breath, but this time I hadn’t been drinking so I could tell her she was a drunken decision. This time I had a drink to calm my nerves.

For the first time, I tried to pretend I was soberer than I was instead of pretending to be drunker.

‘ Jessy, love, let me spend the night.’ I asked. No, begged. I had stood on her doorstep night after night with this very same question, but this time I wanted her to know that this was a sober decision. Somehow though, the word “love” had slipped in and I could feel my cheeks turn tomato red.

‘ I can’t.’

But I was persistent, I kept asking and tonight I was not gonna leave without her knowing what I wanted. What I felt. What I needed.

That’s why I just went for it and kissed her. I kissed her.

It had been so long. It had been too long.

I expected yelling, but I didn’t care. Kissing her was worth it.

But she didn’t. She pulled me in a hug. So I welcomed her smell, I remembered the feel of her skin, I embraced her body, I let my head cloud with only one cognitive thought: ‘ I want you to be me mine.’

My body acted on her own and I vaguely registered sucking on her neck. Only when I pulled away, I realised what I had done. I had marked her neck, had marked her as mine.

‘ You’re mine.’ I added as if me marking her wasn’t clear enough.

But she didn’t agree. She had smelled the alcohol on my breath and she didn’t believe me. So that’s why I decided I would tell her again. I would keep telling her, every day, until she believed me. Even if it took me weeks, months, years, a lifetime.

It wouldn’t take me a lifetime. All it took was five seconds of pure courage.

The next morning one of our colleagues saw the love bite and asked Jess about it, but she brushed it off.

It was both sweet and painful that Jess didn’t want to say who had given it to her.

I knew it was now or never. I knew I would only need five seconds to tell her that I wanted her.

I only needed five seconds and I took them.

‘ It’s mine.’

They both looked at me like I was crazy. And I was. Crazy about her.

‘ I marked her. She’s mine.’ I repeated, looking at Jess. I knew that she had wanted us to be something, but somehow I was afraid that she had changed her mind and that I had lost my chance.

She looked back at me, her eyes filled with emotions that I couldn’t even begin to comprehend. But I understood her smile. I understood her little nod.

She wanted to be mine. She was mine.

‘ She is mine.’ I breathed, not believing what just happened. Not believing that I just asked Jess to be my girlfriend. Not believing that she agreed to it. Not believing that this was actually happening.

I had been ready to make her believe my words, even if it took me weeks, months, years or a lifetime. It didn’t matter to me, as long as in the end, she would understand.

It had taken me only one day, that day, to convince her of the truth in my heart.

Even though I knew I didn’t have to convince her anymore, that didn’t keep me from wanting to tell her every day that she was mine and I was hers.

I told her every day that she was mine. I told her that every day of my entire life.

Jess made me realise that the darkness didn’t have to be my whole world. That as daunting as the darkness could be, it was chased away with the tiniest glimmer of light.

Jess made me realise that I could fill my life with light again and for that to happen, I just had to want it. And I wanted it. After years of blaming myself and convincing myself that the darkness was my punishment, I finally wanted it.

Jess gave me back a life. And the only thing I had to do, was to admit that I wanted her. Wanting Jess had saved my life.

Fortunately wanting Jess.



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