Love in a holding cell; a short story

‘ Don’t!’ Jennifer giggled, as she pulled her drunken friend from climbing up the trunk of a car. ‘ You will hurt yourself!’ she warned Abby, who was still desperately attempting to climb on the hood of the car.

Ironically, the booze in her system that gave her the brilliant idea to climb on a car, also prevented her from lifting her foot any higher than her knee, without falling over.

Jen studied the slender figure in the dark. Abby her hoodie had fallen down from her shoulder as she kept lifting up her one leg to reach the height of the trunk. She couldn’t help but note how ridiculously cute her friend looked as she was having the best of fun.

‘ Come ooonnn! Give me a push! It’llll be so cool!’ Abby slurred, looking at the car with her head tilted to the side and one eye closed, as to figure out how she could possible get her liquor-filled body on the car.

‘ Nooo, that would be stupid!’ Jen loudly whispered as she bend down to lift her friend’s foot. She tugged on Abby’s ankle, trying to get it off the ground, but the only thing she did, was expose her friend’s ankle sock.

‘ That is the wrong foot.’ Abby said, looking at her blurry friend. Jen stood up, looked at her friend who was holding up her other leg by her thigh and they both bursted out in laughter.

The gin and tonics definitely made everything they did more fun.

‘ You idiot.’ Abby giggled, pushing her friend playfully.

Jen, as the most sober of the two, caught her footing, but Abby lost hers. She fell forward and Jen desperately tried to catch her. But in her inebriated state, she grabbed the door handle to keep them steady.

With an god awful loud noise, the car alarm started blaring, deafening the two girls.

‘ Oh nooooo!’ Jen yelled, hitting the car window in a futile attempt to stop the alarm.

Next to her, Abby bent closely to the car and clumsily placed her finger on her lips. ‘ Shhhhhh.’ she shushed drunkenly, convinced that would surely stop the car from making such a hellish noise.

If things weren’t bad enough, suddenly the street was illuminated with blue lights as a police car coincidentally drove by. Alerted by the noise, two men in uniform got out of their vehicle and approached the girls, wondering who was responsible for the deafening noise.

‘ Drunk street vandals.’ the older policeman growled as he saw the two teenage girls talking to the car. He had been in a bad mood all night, unhappy he had pulled the night shift when he would have preferred to spend the night with his woman. And those annoying teenagers were the reason why they needed nightly patrol anyway.

‘ They are just teenagers.’ the younger officer said, hoping his colleague would just let it pass. ’ Girls. It is time to go home. Where do you live?’ he tried, but the only response he got was loud giggling from Jennifer and a drunken sheep-like stare from Abby.

’ Uniforms look funny!’ Abby loudly whispered to her friend, staring at the young policeman. He awkwardly coughed, trying to shrug it off, hoping his boss hadn’t heard it, but of course he had.

Abby walked up to them both, cocked her head to the side and pointed to the older man.

‘ Are you mister Potato Head?’ she asked, with such sincerity in her voice it left Jen howling with laughter, while the younger officer coughed to hide his amusement.

The officer in question choked on his spit as he turned steaming red. Of course, after that remark he lost the little patience he had. Of all the things he was insecure about, it was his balding head and he wouldn’t be insulted by a stupid teenager.

‘ This is outrageous! They are disturbing the peace. Rebels! Rascals! You good-for-nothings! I don’t have a potato head! Let’s see how they like spending a night in the cell to sober up. That’ll teach you some manners!’ he barked, spit angrily flying out of mouth as his head turned a darker shade of red, steam virtually coming out of his ears.

If he couldn’t show his wife who was the man in the sheets, he would show these two drunken teenagers who was the boss on the streets. No one would disrespect him or make fun of his normally shaped head.

His associate just sighed in defeat, knowing if he protested that anger would be directed at him, so he kindly guided the girls into the police car. After some pushing and haggling, both girls were finally seated and the two men drove the giggling, useless heap on the backseat to their police station.

‘ Oh my God! We are in jail! We are actually in jail!’ Jen panicked, pacing around nervously in the small square behind the steel bars, her heels clacking loudly as they echoed through the deserted police station.

Abby on the other hand, couldn’t care less. She was hanging on the bench, trying to keep her eyes open as she felt drowsy from the car ride.

‘ Hey, hey! Don’t fall asleep on me now!’ her friend yelled, gently slapping Abby on the cheek to keep her awake.

‘ Yes, yes. Am awake.’ she muttered, but her slouched posture said otherwise.

‘ Please, Abby. Don’t fall asleep now. We are in freaking jail! My parents will be so mad at me!’ Jen begged, her bottom lip trembling as she willed herself not to cry.

Jen came from a good family and she could already imagine the horrors as she had to tell her parents at the kitchen table how their precious little girl ended up in jail.

She looked at herself in the rusty mirror that hung above a dirty sink. She stared at her own reflection, at her dark eyes and her red lips. Her long, brown, neatly-combed hair framed her beautiful porcelain face and the little lace flowers on her black dress and her expensive high heels screamed “I don’t belong here” louder than she ever could.

She mentally slapped herself for drinking so many cocktails, but Abby just kept pushing drinks in her hand and it had been so long since she had a decent night out.

Abby pushed herself up, rubbed her eyes and swatted the air in Jen’s direction. ‘ Chill, who cares, it is just for the night.’ she chuckled, not caring one bit.

‘ I care!’ Jennifer shrieked loudly.

Abby jumped up from the noise and rubbed her ear in pain. She finally realised that her friend was genuinely distressed and even in her inebriated state, she cared. She reached for Jen’s hand and pulled her down on the bench.

‘ Relax, Jen. We are over 18, nobody needs to know about this but us, okay?’ she spoke, hoping to chase away the panic that was rising up in her friend.

Jen silently nodded and took a deep breath. ‘ You are right… Thanks…’ she muttered, finally calming down a little.

‘ Sure… Let’s… Let’s just play a game to kill the time. It’ll take your mind off things.’ she proposed, as a way to take distract Jen of the whole jail situation. A genius plan.

She would never admit it later, but it was the only thing her drunken head could think up at the moment.

Jen agreed, but after the seventeenth round of rock-paper-scissors, she was not only worried for being in jail, but endlessly bored. Mostly because Abby drunkenly kept choosing paper and lost every round.

After that, Jen just gave up as she was ready to bang both her and Abby’s head against the wall in frustration. Her drunk friend was fun, but after two drinks became as useless as a wet towel.

‘ Let’s play truth or dare.’ Jen suggested, hoping that perhaps talking would sober her friend up. She sat up and tied up her dark hair in a quick ponytail.

‘ Sure.’ Abby happily agreed, crossing her legs as she faced Jen.

She was way drunker than her friend, but to be fair, she also sloshed back way more drinks than Jen. Anything right now could amuse her.

‘ Alright, truth or dare?’

Abby scratched the top of her head and tried to rest her chin on her hand, but her arm kept falling away, making her chin hit her chest. So she just rested her temple against the wall.

‘ Truth.’

Jen nodded, having expected that. ‘ Alright. Umm, let me think… Okay, have you ever thrown up from drinking too much?’ she asked, starting off with the first thing that popped in her head.

Abby snorted in amusement. ‘ Of course. Filled the whole gutter last month, it was a party of a friend and I think I downed two bottles of wine by myself.’ she said, in a manner that made her sound almost proud.

Jennifer shook her head. She should have expected that.

‘ My turn. Truth? Or dare?’ Abby yawned, trying to clear the fog from her mind.

‘ Truth.’ Jen decisively said, wondering what her friend would ask her.

It interested her to see what Abby found interesting about her.

She knew that Abby was a bit of a rebel and always silently admired how she had the guts to do what she wanted without caring one bit what others thought.

She often found herself folding under the pressure and make up white lies wherever she went.

But not Abby. No, Abby was always herself. She said what she meant and made no excuses. She did what she wanted and her spontaneous ideas were nothing less than contagious. Jen often pushed herself when she was around Abby so she could keep up with her much wilder friend.

Not that she would ever admit that to Abby. She figured if she did that, Abby would notice how utterly boring and normal Jen was and find herself another friend that was more similar to her.

‘ What is the biggest lie you have ever told?’ Abby smirked, softly whistling through her teeth as she saw that her question stumped Jen.

She was slowly sobering up too and as always found a way to leave the brunette speechless.

‘ Ehhh… Jeez… Ehmm…’ Jen stuttered, racking her brains. She had told so many lies over the years, so her mind went blank as she tried to find the biggest of them all.

‘ Well?’

‘ Okay… This stays between us, right?’

‘ Of course.’

‘ I once stole a twenty out of my mom’s purse and when she found out, I blamed it on my sister. She denied it of course, but she had been caught before, so of course, my mom believed her over me and my sister got punished for it. I am not proud of it, but I was really young…’ Jen admitted, biting her lip as she wondered what made her be so terribly honest.

Of course, the game was called truth or dare, but there were no consequences for not telling the truth. After all, Abby couldn’t have known if she made up a lie or not.

Maybe she was more drunk than she thought she was.

Jen quickly tried to wave it away by asking Abby truth or dare, and of course, Abby picked truth.

The brunette smiled, her pearly teeth showing as she pointed at Abby. ‘ Have you ever stolen something, and if yes, what?’

‘ Those are two questions at once.’ Abby protested, peering through the bars of the cell.

Of course, Abby had stolen things before, but she figured that admitting that while in a jail cell wasn’t the smartest thing to do. What if the police heard? Would they keep her locked up longer?

That made no sense whatsoever as the guards weren’t even in the same room as them, but hey, the drunken mind works in mysterious ways.

‘ Should be easy to answer if you haven’t stolen anything. So that means you have. Then I will change my question. What was the first thing you stole?’ Jen countered, surprising the drunken Abby and herself.

‘ I… Ehh… Fine. The first thing I ever stole was a chocolate bar when I was ten. I really wanted that bar, but my older brother wouldn’t buy it for me, so I put it in my back pocket. We took the bus after and of course, it melted, leaving me with a brown stain on my butt that I couldn’t explain. That was the first and last time I stole chocolate.’ Abby muttered, her cheeks getting a darker shade of pink.

Jen giggled, vividly imagining a ten-year old Abby sneakily stealing chocolate and looking embarrassed by the stain on her pants. She could imagine the two piggy tails and her pouty lips when she got caught, getting out of any kind of trouble because she was just so cute.

‘ Anyway, your turn. Truth or dare.’ Abby quickly said, feeling embarrassed by that confession. It didn’t sound nearly as cool as she hoped it would.

‘ Truth.’

‘ Laaaame.’ Abby yawned, whistling through her teeth again, giving Jen a daring look. She was hoping the brunette would pick dare for once. Even though they were stuck in a jail cell, her devious mind had already made up some good challenges for Jen.

Jen squinted her eyes and bit her bottom lip, pondering whether she would let Abby push her buttons or not. She knew her friend would come up with some outrageous ideas, but she refused to be lame in front of Abby.

‘ Fine. Dare.’ she reluctantly agreed, already bracing herself.

‘ Hehe, you caved.’ Abby chuckled, her eyes sparkling in mischief. She knew that Jen always needed a little push to get to the crazy, but when she did, crazy became mad-hatter crazy. And Abby was well aware that her best stories and weirdest adventures were with Jen.

Like tonight. They had gotten incredibly wasted, tried to climb up on a car, got picked up by the police and locked up in a jail cell. That was already pretty crazy.

Abby noted that this was her wildest story so far, but she was determined to make it even more memorable and make this night legendary.

‘ I dare you to call the guard over and pretend you have your period and need tampons.’ the brunette slyly said, her eyes lighting up the dark room in amusement.

Jen moaned in defeat. ‘ What? Nooo-ooh. Come on, Abby. That is just too embarrassing.’

‘ Are you chicken?’

‘ Hell no! This is just… I can’t do this.’ Jen groaned, wondering how the hell she would ever live this one down.

‘ I dare you.’ Abby whispered in a low voice, her tone so challenging Jen possibly couldn’t say no.

‘ Fine.’ she gave in, realising how easy it was for Abby to persuade her.

She cleared her throat, walked to the front of the cell and called out in the direction of the guards. ‘ Ehmm… Excuse me? Hello?’

Nothing happened. She looked over her shoulder at the brunette, who encouraged her to keep yelling.

Jen sighed and opened her mouth. ‘ HEEY, AM BLEEDING OVER HERE!’

That seemed to work. One of the night guards walked out of his little office with what seemed like an almost hurry. He muttered in annoyance and stared angrily at the little lady sitting in jail. He would have won that last hand in poker if she hadn’t disturbed him.

‘ I don’t see any blood.’ he scowled, glaring at her.

She turned beet red and stuttered as she looked at him. ‘ I… Ehmmm. It’s my time of the month…’

‘ What?’ he grunted, looking at her in confusion.

Jen shook her head. What an ape. What if she actually had her period? ‘ I am on my period, dude. Am bleeding out of my va-gi-na.’ she emphasised, pointing down at her hoo-hah.

With that the guard his eyes went wide. He scratched the top of his head and uncomfortably muttered he would be right back. He scuffled back to the little office and returned with a little pack of tampons that he handed her through the bars. He never dared to make eye contact with her during the whole encounter though.

As soon as he was back in his office, Abby cried out in laughter, clapping her hands as she high-fived Jen happily.

‘ That was freaking awesome! You called him “dude”!’ she yelled, utterly amazed at how brazen her otherwise polite friend was. She just used the word vagina in a police cell, which she never thought Jen would. To be honest, Abby was quite impressed with her friend right now.

Jen, on the other hand, was determined to make Abby pay for this little stunt.

‘ My turn. Truth or dare?’ she inquired, as she threw a tampon at the blonde’s head.

Laughing, Abby dodged the flying, menstrual rocket and answered dare.

As soon as she said that, she saw Jen’s eyes come alive and she was curious to what her grounded friend would come up. Curious and slightly nervous.

‘ I dare you to…’

Jen looked around. There wasn’t much to do in the cell. There were walls, a floor, metal bars, a dirty looking sink and toilet and the old bench they were sitting on. That was it. Oh, and the newly acquired pack of tampons, of course.

Aha. A little light went on in her head.

‘ I dare you to stuff the sink with the tampons and make it overflow. And I mean, overflow.’

Abby looked at her friend through the slits of her eyes, wondering if this was just a silly dare or a masterplan to get her to fold. She wondered if Jen knew in how much trouble they could get if they got busted destroying a sink that was property of the government. This could get ugly.

If there was one thing she didn’t want, then it was spending more time in jail.

‘ Brutal.’ she muttered in admiration.

‘ I dare you.’ Jen grinned, dangling the bag of tampons in front of her face.

Even if Abby was scared of the consequences, no way in hell would she admit that to Jen. She snatched the tampons out of Jen’s hand and walked over to the sink, debating whether she was gonna go through with this.

She looked at her friend, saw a glint of triumph in Jen’s eyes and firmed her resolve.

She was doing this.

Abby ripped the tampons open and stuffed two into the sink. She kept shoving the tampons in until the whole pipe was blocked. Then she opened the faucet, watching how in the beginning the water could still seeped through, but once the tampons got thoroughly wet and swollen, the metal bowl slowly but steadily filled up with water.

Half way up.


Up to the edge.

She could still stop this. She turned to Jen, saw the smirk on her face and gritted her teeth as the water steadily filled up the bowl and then all of a sudden it overflowed, drenching the ground.

‘ Jeez, are you mad? Close the tap!’ Jen gasped, running towards the sink and quickly shutting off the water. She thought she finally had found a dare Abby wouldn’t be able to complete, but she had been wrong.

That didn’t mean she wanted their cell to flood and attract more attention to them.

‘ You are mad. Positively mad.’ she whispered to her friend, looking from Abby to the flooding sink with a mix of awe and disbelief.

She was sure if she had let Abby do her merry thing, the floor would have been drenched within minutes.

Abby just shrugged and grinned, like it was no big deal, but she had been seconds away from closing off the water herself. She let out a sigh of relief that she didn’t lose face and was relieved Jen had turned off the tap. Of course, she played it off.

‘ My turn. Truth? Or dare?’

Jen let out a big sigh. She wasn’t sure if she could handle another dare from an obviously crazy mind.

‘ Truth.’ she finally answered after some contemplating. She figured that Abby wouldn’t be able to come up with another question she desperately didn’t want to answer.


‘ Have you ever fantasised about one of our friends?’ she grinned, flashing a cocky smile at Jen.

She let out a long groan, while hitting her forehead with her palms. How the hell did Abby come up with these questions and why were her answers always so embarrassing?

‘ It’s a simple question. Yes or no?’

‘ Okay, what do you mean with “fantasise”? Do you mean just kissing or sleeping with or relationship wise?’ Jen asked, trying to gain herself some time, hoping she could distract Abby enough.

‘ Sex.’

‘ I… Fine. Yes, I have.’ Jen blushed, looking everywhere but her friend. She wished the ground would just swallow her whole because she knew Abby’s next question would be whom she fantasised about and no way in hell would Jen reveal that.

Damn it, she cursed at herself. She would have to stick with dares from now on.

Luckily she had no doubts that Abby would keep those secrets to herself, but that didn’t mean she was still embarrassed.

‘ Truth or dare?’ she said, the apples of her cheeks still tomato red.

‘ I will go with… Truth.’ Abby smirked, confident that there was nothing Jen could ask that she’d be ashamed of.

She was also wrong.

‘ Truth… Interesting. Let me think…’ Jen muttered, racking her brain, hoping she could come up with a question that would be just as good as Abby’s.

She briefly studied her friend, wondering the questions she had dodged in the past. She tapped her finger on her chin, cocking her head and racking her brain.

The longer she thought, the more nervous Abby looked, so Jen was certain there was something the brunette was scared of answering. She just needed to figure out what it was.

Hmmm… What would her friend be afraid of?

As far as Jen knew, nothing scared Abby. She never relented, never hesitated, never even flinched. Abby wasn’t scared of anything.

As far as Jen knew.

Time to find out.

‘ What are you the most scared of in the whole entire world?’ she slyly asked, seeing how her never-fazed friend froze in place.


‘ I… I… Am scared of nothing.’ Abby stuttered, trying to put her mask back on, but they both knew it was too late. Her mask had slipped.

‘ Nothing you say will leave this room. Well, cell.’ Jen assured the blonde, wondering if Abby would entrust her secrets with her.

‘ I… Okay… I, ehhmm… The thing am most scared of… Well… I am scared that… That I will end up like my mother…’ she softly admitted, looking at Jen, wondering if she was gonna make fun of her.

But her friend just looked at her, curiously. And somehow, Abby felt safe enough to continue.

‘ I don’t want to end up alone and abandoned, with children that despise me…’

‘ Oh…’ Jen uttered, unsure how to react to such unexpected honesty.

‘ I know she seems perfect, but she is cold and harsh and unrelenting. She chased my father away, my brother left for college and never returned. And when she caught me with… Ahem.. I mean… Nothing…’ Abby added, suddenly shutting her mouth, afraid she had said too much.

The brunette was dying with more questions, but as she saw how unsure and lost her friend looked, she decided Abby could tell her the rest some other time. She stood up, walked over to her friend and wrapped her in a big, warm hug.

‘ You will never be alone. Not whilst I am around.’ she whispered in the blonde’s hair, hugging her tightly.

A second passed and for a moment, Abby was limp in her arms. But then she relaxed, and wrapped her arms around Jen’s waist, hugging her back even more tightly.

‘ Thank you…’ she choked, never expecting Jen’s embrace to be so soothing, so warm and so very safe.

And so they stood, wrapped in each other’s arms in a scruffy looking cell. Jen not daring to let Abby go and Abby wondering how long it had been since someone truly hugged her.

They slowly pulled back from their embrace, Jen studying the blonde’s face. A stray lock of hair had fallen on Abby’s face and for some reason, Jen couldn’t resist the urge to brush it away.

And so she did. Softly, almost tenderly, she brushed the blonde strands behind Abby’s ear, her fingers barely touching her face.

‘ Jen…’ Abby whispered questioningly, her eyes looking at Jen’s.

‘ Shhh… Don’t talk…’ Jen breathed, placing her index and middle fingers on Abby’s lips.

The brunette didn’t know what was coming over her, but somehow, during the walk from one side of the cell to the other, Abby had changed.

She was no longer her goofy, rebellious, adventure-loving friend. No, suddenly, she seemed much more vulnerable, more beautiful and in a way, more mature.

And Jen loved everything about the new Abby.

‘ Jen…’ Abby tried again, not knowing if she wanted her friend to stop or come even closer.

But when she felt Jen’s pink lips hesitantly brush over her own, in something that was almost a kiss, she was suddenly quite sure which of those two she wanted.

The brunette pulled slightly back, catching her breath, gathering her courage as she pressed her lips on Abby’s again. This time more firm and with more confidence.

A slight shiver traveled up Jen’s spine as she felt Abby return her kiss with such tenderness it almost made her ache. Ache with a longing for something she didn’t know existed until that very second.

Another moment passed, yet time stood still as they parted.

‘ Oh wow…’ Jen breathed, as she opened her eyes in surprise. Not in her wildest dreams could she have imagined that kissing Abby would bring her such calamity, while at the same time it set off the fireworks in her stomach.

‘ I know…’ Abby whispered back, closing her eyes and softly and slowly, again their lips met in a kiss.

Abby pulled Jen closer by her waist, and Jen’s hand traveled upwards along Abby’s spine until she found the back of her neck, where she tangled her fingers in the blonde’s locks.

Their lips danced together to a song only the two of them could hear. Melodic, rhythmic, and hauntingly beautiful.

As Jen placed butterfly kisses on a path to Abby’s neck, Abby let out soft sighs every time Jen’s moist lips found her hot skin. Just as the brunette was about to place her mouth on Abby’s inviting nape, she felt the blonde jerk back.

‘ Wait.’

Jen questioningly looked at Abby, wondering why she had pulled away.

‘ I…’ Abby began, staring at her friend. Jen stared back, looking at the storm in her eyes and the turmoil in her mind.

For a split of a second, Abby seemed undecided. But then she batted her eyes down at the ground. ‘ I can’t…’

A heavy rock fell down on Jen’s stomach and a lump formed in her throat. She let her hands fall down her side and defeatedly looked at her friend.

‘ W-why…?’ she managed to bring out, looking at Abby.

Up till a minute ago she hadn’t even considered herself to be gay or realised she was interested in Abby, but suddenly all the pieces had fallen together and she knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that she wanted Abby.

And when they kissed, what she felt, she was sure that Abby had felt it too. Yet here she was, saying that she couldn’t and for the life of her, Jen couldn’t figure out why.

‘ Why not?’ she repeated herself, her voice steadier as she looked at her friend in a silent plea.

‘ I just can’t…’ Abby muttered, still staring at the ground as she backed away from her friend. She couldn’t and wouldn’t drag Jen into the mess that was her life. She wouldn’t let her.

‘ Please tell me why…’ Jen whispered as she brushed her fingers over Abby’s arm.

But when Abby jerked her arm away from her touch, Jen felt her heart tighten in pain.

How was this possible? Just a little while ago, Abby was just her outgoing friend and all of a sudden, without warning, she was more than that.

What Jen didn’t realise was that she had mistaken infatuation for admiration. From the very start, she had been infatuated with Abby’s rebellious manners, her dare devil persona, her way of talking and anything and everything else she did.

And everything Jen had done since the moment they met, had been to impress Abby, so that Abby would like her and spend more time with her.

And now she was here, looking at her friend, who refused to meet her gaze. The blonde shuffled even further back and nervously picked at a loose thread of her hoodie.

‘ I… Ehmm… Three years ago… There was this girl. Her name was Margot and she was my neighbour. Her parents spoke French and I thought she was the most interesting girl ever… We, well… We spend lots of time together… And you know… Well… We.. ehmm… We ended up kissing…’ she muttered, silently, slowly, scared that if she spoke louder, it would be really true.

Jen just watched her friend, surprised at how timid and sad Abby looked. Where did her contagious smile go?

‘ We became girlfriends… And we had the best summer, sneaking around and being together… It was our little secret… It was… Amazing. Until…’ Abby spoke, pausing to take in a deep breath. She couldn’t believe she was actually telling the whole story, and to Jen nonetheless.

Jen, her beautiful, sophisticated friend who had just kissed her.

‘ One night, we were having a sleepover in my house… We were watching a movie… And well, you know, we ended up making out… And then my mother caught us. I don’t know why we didn’t hear her, but she walked in on us mid make-out session.’

Abby balled her hands in anger when she remembered that event. It had been etched into her memory as the worst day of her life.

‘ My mom cursed us, condemned us, brought hell upon us. Literally. She kept spouting Bible verses at us, screaming that we would go to hell for this… Sodomy… She dragged Margot downstairs by her ear, accusing her of turning me into a sinner… She kicked her out and forbade me from ever seeing her again or ever involving myself with another girl… Three weeks later, they moved and I never spoke to her again… My relationship with my mom was already strained, but after that, it became horrible. Every morning, she will wake me up with a quote from the Bible about sinners, hell and how to stay “pure”. When I leave or enter the house, my mom sprinkles me with holy water and she makes me sleep with a Bible next to my bed. I live in a freaking church.’

The blonde had gone from stammering to a full out angry rant, as if this was the first time she actually could talk about everything that was going on in her house. If for the first time she allowed herself to acknowledge the injustice.

‘ I can’t. I can’t come home with another girl. I managed to convince my mom that am not gay and that it was just a one-time mistake. That’s why am still allowed to leave the house… If she finds out that I am actually into women, this will be the end. She will kick me out. Or lock me up. I don’t know which would be worse.’

Jen opened her mouth, trying to console her friend, but Abby was angrily staring at a gray spot on the ground, refusing to let Jen in.

‘ I hate my mom.’ she whispered, looking shocked that those words had actually left her mouth.

She took in a deep breath and finally dared to look up at Jen, wondering why she hadn’t said anything. As she studied her friend, she was utterly surprised what she saw in Jen’s eyes.

Compassion and sympathy. And something else, something that hadn’t been there before the kiss. A glimmer of something she had been craving, but had been denying herself ever since that night with Margot.

But she couldn’t. Her life was already a living hell, she couldn’t drag Jen down with her. She didn’t deserve that.

So Abby did the only thing there was to do. She refused to give in to her own temptations, sat down on the farthest side of the bench and studied the wall as if it was the most interesting thing she had ever seen.

Jennifer was still trying to find the right words to say, but when she saw that Abby had shut her out, she silently sat down at the opposite side of the bench and said nothing. There was nothing left to say.

If Abby didn’t want to be with her, there was nothing she could say that would change her mind.

Relationships were already messy enough on their own, she didn’t need it to be with someone who wasn’t sure they wanted to be with her.

And so they sat, both quietly on their own side, divided by their own walls.

Ever so often, Jen glanced at Abby, but she just seemed lost in her own world. And so, Jen decided to just let her figure things out, hoping that their night in jail would be over soon.

On the other side, Abby was studying Jen sneakily in the rusty mirror. She caught every glance the brunette threw at her and couldn’t help but wonder.

Wonder why she hadn’t noticed Jen looking at her like that before. Wonder if she had given Jen the wrong idea, without intending to.

They had never even spoken about being gay or having those kinds of feelings, and yet, when Jen kissed her, she surprisingly, hadn’t been surprised.

Which was odd, because right now, Abby was definitely surprised. She had never thought their crazy night out would end like this.

The idea that her beautiful, classy friend was interested in her just seemed so ridiculous. Jen was just so… Perfect. She was a lady in the making.

Abby looked at her own dirty blonde hair, her baggy hoodie, her torn jeans and her sneakers. Definitely still a teenager. What would a girl like Jen even want from a girl like her? She didn’t fit her.

Yet, when Abby thought back to any pictures they had taken together or when they had stood in front of the same mirror, nothing about her stuck out as a sore thumb. On the contrary. They looked good together.

They were good together.

Abby couldn’t help but recall all her adventures with Jen and knew that if there was one girl she wanted around, it would be her.

And the kiss. Wow.

Jen had blown her away, with her soft, moist lips and her careful fingers and her wandering hands.

Everything about it screamed for a repeat and Abby couldn’t deny that she could get used to kissing Jen.

In fact, she wanted to get used to kissing Jen.

But she couldn’t. It wouldn’t be fair to her. Jen would have to be her secret and she didn’t deserve to be kept hidden. No, Jen was a woman you proudly showed off in public.

Abby was terrified of her mother. But somehow the thought of missing out on the opportunity to be with Jen, seemed to terrify her even more. After all, her life was already miserable and her mother was a nightmare to live with.

How much worse could it get? And even if it got worse, wouldn’t she been able to take it, just like the rest of the other bat-shit craziness that already went on?

But could she just change her mind like that? Was she truly ready to deal with the consequences of her choice?

And would Jen be okay with all this?

Just as Abby was ready to open her mouth again, the guard loudly cloncked their cell open.

‘ Ladies. You are free to go. Behave yourselves next time, alright?’ he curtly announced.

The moment he said that, Jen jumped up and basically ran out of the cell, relieved she was no longer stuck with her friend who rejected her.

She hastily skipped out of the police station, ready to bury her head in the sand and forget this ever happened and she hoped that Abby would do the same.

The sunlight temporarily blinded her as she stood on the front step of the police station. It was still early. Very early.

But Jen didn’t care. She just wanted to go home.

But as she descended the stairs, a warm hand gripped her wrist, stopping her from going anywhere.

Jen counted in her head to three, mentally calming herself, preparing herself. She wasn’t sure what else Abby would have to say that she hadn’t made perfectly clear yet.

‘ Have breakfast with me.’

Jen looked at the blonde, utterly confused and surprised. Abby had been ignoring her for the last two hours and all of a sudden she wanted to grab breakfast.

‘ What?’ she uttered, totally baffled by that proposal. She had expected a lot of things, but this wasn’t one of them.

Abby had been unsure of what to do, right until the moment that Jen had raced out of the cell, trying to get away from her. That’s when she knew that she didn’t want to lose her dear friend. Even if it meant going head to head with her mother again.

She always knew that sometime in the future she would have to break with her mother, just like her brother had done. Better make it a for a worthy cause.

And Jen was definitely a worthy cause. Even the idea of Jen was worth all the trouble at home.

Abby was ready to be true to herself. She had been locked up in a cell all night, but it had been nothing compared to the life she had been living. She had been caged in her own house.

But now, with Jen standing so close to her, she was ready to break free from her mother’s chains.

‘ Have breakfast with me.’ Abby repeated herself, looking at Jen pleadingly.

‘ Ehmm… I don’t know if…’ Jen hesitated, not sure where Abby was going with this.

‘ I know right after a night in jail is not the most romantic moment for a first date, but I was hoping you’d say yes anyway.’ Abby interrupted her, her hopeful eyes piercing into Jen’s.

‘ A… Date…?’ Jen cautiously said, not sure if she understood her friend right.  Abby had been so adamant that nothing would ever happen, yet, somehow, it seemed like she had changed her mind.

‘ Yes. A breakfast date.’ Abby confirmed, summoning her confidence.

‘ I… Okay.’

A big smile broke through on the blonde’s face. ‘ Good.’

She could grill Abby about what had made her change her mind later on. For now, she wanted to enjoy this moment. It was a new day.

Beaming with joy, the two girls walked away from the police station, leaving with more than they entered.

They exchanged a sly smile, a smirk, if you will. That night, what had happened, was their little secret.

They had entered the cell as friends and suddenly, spontaneously, unexpectedly, they left being something entirely else. And both of them couldn’t be more thrilled about it.

This was what they both had been building towards, even if they didn’t realise it. Subconsciously, this was exactly what they had been craving.

‘ What about your mother?’ Jen inquired, studying her friend, wondering what had brought on this change.

‘ Screw her.’ Abby spoke, flashing her pearly white teeth at Jen once more. She released Jen’s wrist and their hands found each other, their fingers intertwining tenderly in a playful gesture as they walked towards their favourite breakfast spot.

That night became indeed: legendary.

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