Love isn’t blind, but it sure is blinding.

They say love is blind. But that would be an insult to love. Last night, I found out that love isn’t blind, it is blinding.

I went to a bar and I met this girl. A gorgeous, dark-haired beauty that by all means and descriptions, was a vamp. A babe. She resembled someone else I know.

She was sitting at the bar with her pouted lips, her hair perfectly wild and a piercing shimmering in her delicate face.

There was this air that surrounded her. Somehow, she drew everyone’s eyes and attention. Guys were flocking around her, trying to steal a smile from her lips and girls were admiring her or throwing her jealous looks.

She was standing in the limelight that night.

I could describe her to you, about how flawless her eyebrows were or how catlike her movements were. How her arms were delicately inked or how she had this flow of energy about her.

But all of these things faded in the background once I saw it. The most attractive thing about her?

The look in her eyes as she stared at the girl working behind the bar.

With every word spoken to her from her suitors, she would smile and nod and passively allow the conversation to go one, giving everyone a sliver of her attention. But once in a while, I caught a faint smile on her lips and every time that smile graced her lips, she was looking at the blonde girl serving drinks.

There was a glimmer in her eyes that lit up the whole pub and that captivated me. When I looked at her, I couldn’t see anything but the love she held for her girl.

That one look in her eyes blinded me. From then on, all I could see was the smile that played around the corner of her lips and the twinkle in her dark eyes as she caught the gaze of her bar maiden.

All I could feel was the best kind of jealousy. I didn’t want her, nor did I want to be the girl she was looking at. No, I wanted someone else to catch my lover looking at me with that same smile and shimmer in their eyes.

I wanted someone to look at me with the same tenderness and affection that was clearly displayed on her face.

I wanted someone to look at me like I am the only woman in the world. Because, as everyone stared at her, she had only eyes for the girl.

While everyone was begging for her attention, she was solely focused on the blonde. And when their eyes met, for a brief moment, they were all alone.

The love they held for each other blinded them. But not in the way most people think.

They weren’t delusional about the other. It was not that they were unaware of each other’s flaws or bad habits. It wasn’t about only seeing the good in the other.

No, their love blinded them for anyone else than themselves.

As they looked at each other, everything disappeared and they only saw each other. They were blind for anything else but them.

Love isn’t blind, but it sure is blinding.

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