Chapter 37. Ecstasy

It took me almost four painstakingly long hours to reach the city. Four hours.

That was almost double of the usual time. Damn it. What was wrong with me?

I just hoped that Heather hadn’t noticed that it took me this much longer and that I felt drained and weakened when we arrived at my flat. I didn’t want her to worry, so I just played it off like it was nothing, hiding my struggle from her.

As my door shrieked open, I was greeted with the familiar scent of my home.

I took in a deep whiff, feeling how some of my strain disappeared already and sighed happily. ‘ Ahhh, home sweet home.’

Heather rolled her eyes in amusement as she watched me greet my little end table and let herself fall down in my couch.

‘ Aah, a real couch. Much more comfortable than your back.’ she teased as she ground her butt into the pillows and stretched her limbs. She must have been a little sore from being on my back the whole time.

I flashed her a quick smile, noting how she still fit perfectly in between my furniture and resisted from joining her. I knew I needed to do something else first and it just couldn’t wait.

I placed a soft kiss on her temple, muttered that I would be right back and with the TV blaring, I quietly pulled open my cabinets revealing my +fluids.

I let out another sigh of relief when I noticed I had almost a full stock available and didn’t need to go out to get some more. I immediately opened a blueberry one and chugged it down in one go, not even bothering with the straws.

As soon as the fluids touched my tongue I felt much better. The dizziness disappeared, the burning in my lungs lifted and I could feel my senses dulling again.

The consistent buzzing from my ears disappeared and instead of hearing everything, it finally went back to the usual tone. My eyes focussed on one spot instead of keeping everything sharp and I finally dared breath through my nose without being attacked by all the scents of this world.

Dear gods, what a nightmare it had been.

With the aching and my strained body, it had been much harder to suppress my heightened senses and I hadn’t experienced an overload of information like this since I was a kid.

Everything was just too bright, too loud and the overwhelming smells almost made me dry heave.

And having Heather around didn’t really help. On the contrary. She just smelled so strongly of her and I had become so aware of her body wrapped around me as I ran, it almost made me explode in lust and desire for her.

The only thing that had kept me from ravaging her right then and there was the promise I had made to her. I knew I wasn’t being myself, so I forbade myself from giving in to any temptations and just rushed home as fast as I could.

That was a good call. In my deprived state I was dangerous. Especially to Heather. Even the strain on my body didn’t stop me from lusting after her and with my weakened self-control, who knows what might have happened.

Luckily, I figured out what the problem was and I knew the +fluids would help me settle back into being myself. I quickly downed another pocket and as I smacked my lips I could feel myself revitalise. I really needed this.

I took a deep breath and walked over to Heather, urging her to move so I could nestle myself next to her. With my senses dulled and the aching relieved from my body, I could be around her again like a normal person.

‘ It is nice being back here.’ she sighed happily as she cuddled into me.

I nodded in agreement as I kissed her gingerly on her shoulder. I wrapped my arms tightly around her and pulled her closer to me. It was indeed good to be back.

Although the human world was new and exciting, it was exhausting always being on guard. There were always people around. Always. Even when it was time to sleep, we would have to walk through a mass of people before being isolated.

At least here we had the apartment to ourselves and I didn’t need to hide her or myself when we were inside.

Being down there wasn’t easy. After all, I didn’t want to deprive Heather of any social contact with her friends or family. Although she seemed to be a bit of a loner anyway.

It was just a dangerous affair. I didn’t want to be discovered and I didn’t want to endanger my girl.

The consequences of anyone finding out about me and her would probably turn out horrible for the both of us and I really wasn’t looking for any trouble. I just wanted to be with her.

Just like this.

Our bodies intertwined, our minds at rest, our souls at peace. I would give anything to spend the rest of my years with her like this.

Just perfect.

Just perfect…

I let my head rest on her shoulder and felt how my eyelids grew heavy. I wasn’t physically tired, I knew I couldn’t be. The +fluids had given me all the boost I needed to keep my body going.

No, this was a different kind of sleep. This was a rest.

I was safe here. We were safe. I didn’t need to be on guard or worried that something was gonna happen to her.

I could relax.

I could close my eyes… Just for a second…

Nothing would happen to her…



‘ Ade? Ade?’

I jumped up as I heard Heather call my name and wrapped myself protectively around her.

‘ What? What’s going on?’ I yelled as I scanned for danger. What was happening?

‘ Relax, nothing is going on…’ she soothed, kissing me softly. ‘ You seem sleepy, let’s get you to bed. You will be much more comfortable there.’

‘ Oh… Yeah…’

She tugged on my arms, helping me up as she guided me into my bedroom. The bed was just how I left it. One pillow chilling casually on the floor and my sheets wrapped in a tangle.

I grinned at that familiar sight and scooped up my pillow as I let myself fall like a starfish on my bed.

‘ Hi pillow, hi bed. Am back!’ I happily announced as I closed my eyes for a second.

I hadn’t realised how much I missed my own home until I got here. Being back in my own bed with my own pillow was just an utter delight.

I hugged my pillow tightly and rolled towards where Heather was standing. She had a strange smile on her lips but I decided not to ask why she was looking at me funnily. It didn’t really matter, I was just happy to be here.

She pulled the bunched up sheets from underneath me so she could tuck me in and crawled next to me.

With her head resting on my shoulder and her hot breath on my neck, we comfortably fell into a peaceful slumber.

It was indeed good to be back. This was how it was supposed to be.

Heather and I. Together alone. Safe and sound.

After the most relaxing nap in weeks, I woke up with Heather gingerly curled up in my arms.

‘ Hi sleepy. Finally awake?’ she mused, kissing me softly on the tippy of my nose.

‘ Hmmhmm…’ I groggily yawned as I pulled her tighter into me. She was so soft and so warm. Her skin just radiated pure heat as she warmed me up and even though she was in good shape, her muscles weren’t as hard as mine. Hugging her was like holding a teddy bear. Soft and comforting and oh so warm. She was everything that I wasn’t.

I just couldn’t get enough of her. Especially not when she was wrapped so tightly around me. And now that I had taken my fluids and I was back to normal, nothing was stopping me from having my way with her. After all, the danger had passed and I was no longer hungry. I was back in control.

Or so I thought.

‘ Do you realise this is the first time in weeks we are truly alone?’ I smirked, kissing the nape of her neck suggestively.

‘ Hmm, really? That is the first thing you say to me after you wake up?’ Heather snorted, but the twinkle in her eyes gave away her true feelings.

‘ Hmmhmm… And, my walls are very sound proof.’

‘ You sure? We should test that out.’ she grinned as she pushed her soft body against mine and captured my lips with the sweetest kiss.

My senses had dulled after the fluids, but my lust surely hadn’t. I still wanted to ravage her with everything that I got and I didn’t intend to stop until I was done.

She was intoxicating. Everything about her was intoxicating. The way her cheeks flushed red or how her eyelids fluttered. The little gasps and moans that left her plump lips when I kissed her naked skin.

The growls from the back of her throat when I found her weak spots and the desperate whimpers she released as I denied her the peak of her pleasure.

The way her hairs were sprawled out all over my pillow and how the rest of her body was sprawled out all underneath me.

How her chest heaved with every sharp breath she took as my teeth grazed over the softness of her skin.

How her blood was rushing through her veins in excitement and how I could hear it. How after I noticed it, it was all I could hear.

It started out soft and calm, like a small river. But then the noise became much louder as her blood rushed through her with much more urgency. It raved through her veins, pumped through her body and it was all I could hear.

Her beautiful voice and longing moans as a whisper in the background as I could hear her blood rush through her body.

It was calling out my name again. Whispering. Millions of voices at the same time. Calling out to me as the blood crashed like waves against the walls of her veins.

Drawing me in with a sweet, sweet promise.

Seducing. Alluring. Tempting.

And I resisted. I tried to focus on the whimpers of her voice, on the saltiness of her skin, on the arch of her back, but it was damn impossible.

I feverishly tried to draw my attention away and pursued her more aggressively, more passionately. My lower body grinding her down in the bed as I attacked her naked skin with my lips and curled my fingers deep inside her, begging her to come.

I only wanted to hear her moans of pleasure, her whimpers of desire, the longing groans of her lust. I only wanted to hear her growl in ecstasy as she screamed my name.

I only wanted to hear her peak.

I only wanted to hear her.

Only her… And then we both lost control.

Heather reached her high and was taken over by that one moment of pure bliss where nothing else mattered. And as she lost all her conscious thoughts, my animalistic instincts took advantage of that brief window of complete vulnerability. Before I knew what was happening or could stop myself, my mouth was filled with the sweetest nectar I had ever tasted.

My tongue fizzled in delight. My taste buds exploded. My body pulsated. I became dizzy, faint, lighter than air and I passed out for the shortest of moments.

And I reveled in true bliss. For one sweet moment, I reached the high of a lifetime.

As quickly as it came on, it disappeared. The sweetness disappeared and my mouth was filled with a metallic taste. It was oily and stuck to my tongue. It left a bitter aftertaste on the roof of my mouth and my throat burned.

All the while, Heather wasn’t any wiser. As she reached her high, it had completely obscured my sin. She didn’t even notice.

After all, how could she? It wasn’t much. I had barely drawn a couple of drops from her skin.

Her whole body ached in the best way possible and my little puncture mark had gotten lost between the rest of the hickeys and her freckles.

She never even noticed.

And I didn’t dare tell her. I couldn’t. Not after I knew about our history. What would she think?

Damn it!

I had been doing so well, trying to keep myself in check around her. After the last incident, I promised myself that would never happen again and yet, here I was again, hurting my girlfriend.

How did this happen? I had just downed two full packages of +fluids to satisfy my needs. I thought that had soothed all my wild cravings. Or at least, that is what I thought.

That is what I wanted to believe.

I wanted to believe that the lack of my nutrients had caused my weird obsession with her blood, but I could no longer deny that something else had awakened in me.

Something that couldn’t be suppressed by my +fluids.

For now, the disgust at what I had done and my love for Heather was what kept me from attacking her neck again, but what would happen the next time we were intimate?

When she flooded my senses, I lost control.

What was I supposed to do? Never sleep with her again? That was ridiculous. I would never keep that up.

I craved her. Emotionally, mentally, physically… And as it turns out, in a different way as well.

A vile, disgusting, but oh so delicious way.

NO! Bad vampire!

I yelled at myself internally, giving me a mental slap on the wrist. Heather was my girlfriend and I didn’t want to harm her.

It was already bad enough that I had hurt her the last time with my strength, now I had violated her and taken something that I never should have.

But the worst part?

I wanted it again.

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