Royal&Reckless: a dark/steamy contemporary box set!


TWISTED GAMES is my new book and I’m so excited! Two psycho princesses, mind games with no end, and a twisted relationship. This is the dark lesbian romance you’ve always wanted to read!

The familiar rush of adrenaline danced through my veins as I breathed in the heartbreak on my last victim’s face. She’d been far too easy to seduce, but still, the devastation in her eyes excited me. For a moment, I dropped my carefully sculpted mask and flashed her a smile. My real smile.

Her heart broke all over again as I shattered her beautiful illusion of me. She would never trust again. Oh, how it enthralled me. Their pain was addicting and I just couldn’t get enough. But who to play with next?

My eyes fell on an image in the newspaper and a wicked grin tugged on the corners of my mouth. A princess? Now that sounded like a fun challenge. After all, the housewives and college girls were boring me. I needed something new, something… Exciting.

Gently, I stroked the image of princess Zafira and wished it was her soft cheek I was touching instead.

Soon. Yes, very soon.

Nobody, not even royalty, could escape the twisted games I liked to play.

Twisted games is part of the Royal&Reckless box set that has 22 other dark or steamy contemporary romances! For only 0.99 you can grab Twisted Games and the other books from NYT and USAT bestselling authors!





AMAZON: preorder coming soon!



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