Terrorism as a symptom of a sick world

Our world is a scary world. But it always has been. Death, despair, and hate have always been part of humanity.

Our world is a vulnerable world. And the recent attacks in the UK have thrown a spotlight on just how vulnerable we are. On how easily a human life can be taken, but then again, that is something we already knew.

With terrorism, it isn’t death we fear. After all, death is just an inevitable end that comes attached to life. Terrorism scares us so much because it makes us see through the cracks. It shows us how feeble our society is, how easily our government could fall, how the rules we viewed as absolute can be crossed so effortlessly.

Terrorism isn’t natural to humanity. It isn’t in our nature. It is born from our society.

I will say this up front. I don’t know much about politics. I don’t know much about religion. I don’t know much about IS, nor the people fighting for or it or against it. But then again, I don’t believe terrorism has anything to do with it.

I believe that terrorism is a symptom, like a rash or a cough, that has nothing to do with race or religion, age or gender, birth, or even reasons. Those are all mediums, like the different limbs of the body a rash can appear on.

And everything I have heard so far, from banning immigrations to distributing guns to citizens, are just short minded solutions. It’s like putting a bandaid on a broken leg.

Ultimately, it won’t fix a thing. All the hatred, all the helplessness and the hopelessness will find another outlet. And they will come out in another form, one way or another.

We have to cure the underlying problem. We have to look at our world, at our system and ask ourselves: how can it be that our world still has people that have nothing to lose?

Because, from what I see, people that resort to terrorism have nothing left to lose. They were regular people, like you and me. Until one day, the world started to reject them, piece by piece, until they had nothing left to lose, nothing left to decide or choose, nothing left to live for, nothing except the capability to reject the world itself?

And I don’t think this is the first sign that there is something going horribly wrong with our world. With our people.

From the graffiti tags by the disgruntled teenagers to the endless sea of homeless people, how long will it take for us to realise that this world we have created is rejecting us?

Terrorism shouldn’t bring hatred. It should breed compassion. It should ask for understanding. It should beg for help. It should demand change.

I know I am just one lonely little person sitting behind my laptop, writing about it.

Will I change the world? No, of course not. I am not looking for a big gesture, I am not trying to raise money for the injured, I am not attending a wake for the fallen. I am not trying to overthrow governments or change the system. I don’t want to play politics, I am not interested in finances, I don’t want to address ministries or world leaders.

How do you cure this world? I wish I knew. All I can think off is to start small. To smile to the people crossing me on the street, to give a hand to the person struggling to get on the bus, to give a genuine compliment when I can.

And then maybe do a little more. To not judge everyone that I see for how they act, to not write off people just cause they are different. To listen to other people’s stories with the intention of understanding where they come from. To accept that not everyone wants the same things in life or has been given the same opportunities. To speak for people without a voice, to push for equality on all levels, to stand up for those who can’t.

And then who knows, maybe this world would be a little more hospitable. A refuge for those who always felt like they didn’t fit in. A little bit safer, warmer, kinder.

Will it help? Can’t know unless I try. But I know for sure that it won’t hurt to try. I want to be that seemingly useless drop of water on a hot plate. Who knows. You never know what difference you could make.

I want to address you. All of you. To the people living in this world. To the people that make up this world. I want a different world. One where all people, any people, can belong. I want a world for all of us.

Hate less. Love more.

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