The stranger in the park; a short story

Me and a friend were sitting on a bench in the park. I just came back from work and it had been a long day. That’s when I noticed you. I only saw your back, but damn, that was one gorgeous back. The way you walked, slightly swaying your hips and the way your back curved with every step you took.

‘ Damn, that’s one fine ass.’ my friend said, making me nod in agreement.

‘ I know…’ I sighed, thinking about my own girlfriend. She had been overseas for way to long. Six aching months. What I wouldn’t give to have a girlfriend that lived close to home, or even better, lived in my home.

‘ You already have a girlfriend, so this girl is mine.’ my friend grinned, her eyes still focussed on your ass. I knew that I had someone, but I couldn’t help how my mind wandered off, imagining what it would be like if I was single right now.

I would walk up to you and stop a couple of meters away from you. I’d glance at you, until you’d catch my eye. That’s when I’d approach you and start the conversation.

‘ Hello, my name is Alex.’ I would say, extending a hand so you could shake it. Your hand is soft, warm and strangely feels very safe. You shake my hand and introduce yourself. I compliment your name and ask what you are doing in the park.

‘ Just taking a break from work.’ you say, smiling gently at me. I smile back and point at myself.

‘ Me too.’ I say, my eyes never leaving yours.

‘ I come here everyday after my work.’ you say, making light conversation. I grin and subtly take a step closer to you.

‘ I normally don’t come here, but I’m glad that I did .’ I add, giving you a wink. You blush and look at the ground, flattered by my compliment.

‘ So, can I take you out sometime?’ I ask you bluntly, not able to hide how eager I am. You blush even harder, but look me in the eyes again.

‘ I would really like that.’ you say in a soft voice. I can’t contain the smile breaking out on my face and pull out my cellphone. You give me your number and I store it, promising to call you tonight. That’s when we say our goodbyes and I walk back to my friend. When I sit back down and look in your direction, you are already gone. I sigh, almost not believing that you were ever there, but the phone in my hand with a new number is proof that you really exist.

Later that evening I call you. I am nervous, oh, so nervous. When you answer, I can’t help myself but smile when I hear your voice again. Our short conversation in the park was enough to get me addicted to the sound. We exchange pleasantries and that’s when I ask you out.

‘ Do you wanne have dinner?’ I ask, trying to keep my voice calm and steady, although my heart is racing in my chest.

‘ Yes, I do.’ you answer, making me wanting to jump around in joy. But I keep calm and propose a date. Again, you accept my offer and we have a short chat before hanging up. That’s when I let out a big breath, one I didn’t even know I was holding and skip to my couch. I still can’t believe that you want to go out with me.

The night comes when I’m taking you out and I’m completely dressed up. My hair is done, my dress is both revealing and hiding enough, my make up is flawless and I feel confident. We agreed to meet in the restaurant so that’s where I am waiting for you. I am a bit too early, but I don’t mind waiting for you. When you show up, I can’t believe my eyes. You are the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen. I stare at you, loving how you are ignoring everyone else but me. I stand up to greet you and am surprised when you lightly kiss my cheek. I smell your perfume and I feel how I get a bit lightheaded. We sit down and I hand you a menu. I’ve already flipped through it, but I still open it, pretending to choose. A waiter comes over to ask if we want drinks and we order a bottle of red. He fills our glasses and asks if we made our choice.

‘ I’ll have the smoked salmon.’ you say, making me chuckle. That’s what I wanted too.

‘ The same for me, please.’ I order, winking at you. You blush and we softly clink our glasses together.

‘ To us.’ I dare toast, making you smile. I ask about your work, your hobbies, your interests, … And you do the same. We slowly get to know each other and I notice that with everything you tell me, I become more and more attracted to you.

After our meal we step outside and notice how beautiful the moon is tonight. She is almost complete. Tomorrow it will be full moon. I ask if you want to go for a walk and you enthusiastically agree. We walk in silence, both enjoying the almost full moon and how she lights everything up with her silver glow. We sit down on a lonely bench and I dare to wrap my arm around your shoulders. For some reason, you don’t seem to mind. No, even better, you slide closer to me and rest your head in the crook of my neck. I can smell your intoxicating perfume again and I shiver lightly.

‘ Are you cold?’ you ask, your breath warm on my cold skin. I shake my head and run my fingers over your arm.

‘ No. I’m pretty content to be honest.’ I admit, wishing that we could sit here forever. I realise that I barely know you, but right now, this feels like something big, something real. Something that I don’t want to let go.

‘ Good, so am I.’ you whisper in my ear, making the hairs on my arms stand up in excitement. You are so close to me, if I turn my head I can almost kiss you. But I don’t. I want to savour this moment a little bit longer. And that’s what I do. After a while you you tell me that you are cold and I propose to walk you back to your house. You happily accept my offer and we stand up. We quickly stretch our limbs and you direct us to your house. I turn to where you are pointing and we start walking. After a couple of minutes I feel how your soft hand slips into mine and I immediately intertwine our fingers. I smile when I notice how perfect our hands fit.

‘ Is it far?’ I breathe, totally not caring how far away your place is. In fact, I could walk to the end of the world with your hand in mine.

‘ A five minute walk.’ you answer, lightly tugging in my hand. I follow the movement and notice how you were pulling me closer to you. I gladly oblige and our shoulders meet when we continue our walk. After a while we arrive at your house. You live in an old house, which you apparently inherited from your grandmother. We walk up to your door and you start digging in your purse for your keys. When you find them, you turn back to me and look into my eyes.

‘ I had a lovely time.’ you whisper. I smile, happiness bubbling up inside me.

‘ So did I.’ I admit, loving how we instantly connected on more than one level.

‘ Sooo… You wanne come in for a cup of tea?’ you suddenly propose. I’m surprised, but not a single hair on my body wants to decline. So I don’t. You unlock your door and we walk into your house. It’s modern, but surprisingly cosy. You take my coat and we walk into your kitchen. You put on the kettle and make us fresh mint tea. You grab the cups and we head to your living room. You point to a comfy looking leather couch and we sit down, your body dangerously close to mine. Before I can take my first sip of tea, there is something else going on.

You suddenly kiss me.

The kiss is short, only lasting a split second, but that’s enough for me to get me hooked for life. I pull your head back to mine and reconnect our lips again. Your lips are pink, soft and plump, fitting perfectly against mine. We slowly move in sync, enjoying how the other tastes. That’s when I sweep my tongue over your lip, asking for entrance which you gladly grant me. My tongue slips into your mouth and finds yours. They start a battle, twirling around each other, fighting for dominance. You moan in my mouth and that’s when I gladly give up the fight. Our tongues fall into a steady rhythm, moving against each other, almost caressing each other.

During the kiss you somehow removed my shirt and I can feel how you are unclasping my bra. I feel a cold breeze on my breasts and I vaguely register how my nipples are now hard and erect. Is it from the cold? Unlikely.

I gasp when you cup my breasts and take my nipples in between your fingers. You start playing with my nipples and this time I moan in your mouth.

‘ You like this?’ you rhetorically asking, knowing well enough that I do. Still, I nod my head and you kiss me again. It’s a short peck on my lips and then you start tracing kisses down my neck, slowly reaching my chest.

The spark of electricity I feel when you take one of my hard nipples in your wet mouth is enormous. I gasp when your lips and tongue toy with my nipple, all the while your hand is massaging my other breast. Your free hand has settled on my hip and I can feel how you push me down. I feel the cold leather on my back and shiver again. You smile against my skin and you release my nipple with a loud plop. I grab your chin and guide your mouth back to mine. We share another passionate kiss and I completely pull your body onto mine. The rough fabric of your shirt rubs against my nipples, making them even harder.

‘ Oh my!’ I gasp when I suddenly feel that you slipped your hand in the waistband of my shorts. You take my clit in between two fingers and start toying with it, driving me crazy. I groan when I want you to go faster, but you keep going so teasingly slow. I buck up my hips in an attempt to get more pressure, but you completely stop stimulating.

‘ That’s not nice.’ I whisper, wanting more than teasing. My whole body is yearning for you.

‘ I know.’ you grin, but you start rubbing my clit again. I close my eyes and know that I have never been this wet before.

‘ Damn!’ I half-yell when you unexpectedly push your finger inside me. You kiss me and you start moving your fingers. I start grinding against them, wanting to take control, but again you completely stop moving.

‘ Fine…’ I murmur, understanding that you want complete control. You grin and you start pumping again. I moan loud and that’s your queue to introduce another finger. I am so wet that you have no problem entering me. You place your lips on mine again and we share another passionate, slightly rough kiss. I never picked you for the dominant type, but it turns me on more than I imagined it would.

You quicken the pace and insert another finger. My juices are freely flowing and my panties are probably getting soaked. You are undeniably talented and I can feel my pleasure building with every thrust. You lick my neck, grazing your teeth over my soft spot as you drive me down on your couch, your fingers deep in my wetness.

I moan loudly and as much as I try, I can feel my peak already nearing. And as you flick your thumb over my clit, rubbing and circling, I finally reach my climax. You keep pumping your fingers deeper and deeper into me as I spasm around you, my pussy begging you not to stop. I shudder underneath you, not believing how fast you made me cum.

‘ You okay?’ you whisper when my body stops twitching and my breathing has slowed down a bit. I lazily smile. We both know what the answer is to your question, so I don’t bother confirming how good it was. You plant your lips on mine again and the kiss we share, tastes like something I can’t yet place.

‘ Wanna go again?’ you cheekily grin, your fingers playing with my sensitive, swollen clit again, only giving me just enough time to recover. I nod, my body filled with more excitement and desire I have felt in years.

You pull my pants down and start the whole process again. Our bodies caressing and teasing each other, all night long, your tea long forgotten.

That’s when I snap out of my daydream. My friend poking me with her elbow probably the cause.

‘ She is stunning!’ my friend loudly whispers, nudging her head in your direction. I was so lost in my daydream that I didn’t notice that you turned around and are approaching us. I look at your approaching figure and can’t believe my eyes. My fantasy was strong, passionate delicious, but reality is even better.

‘ Hey love.’ you greet me, your green eyes looking deep into mine.

‘ Hey.’ I greet you back, a huge smile breaking through on my face. You extend your hand and cup my cheek, sending chills down my spine when you touch my face.

I can feel how my friend is curiously looking at us, not understanding what is going on. I pull you on my lap and turn towards my friend. I smile.

‘ This is Lisa, my girlfriend.’ I introduce you.

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