My dearest readers,


For those who wandered on my profile, wanting to check out the writer before reading anything, let me shortly explain what I do.

I am a writer of fiction, a lover of romance. I write books and short stories and in those, I try to create new worlds, new people, new experiences while using the same ingredients a lot of other talented people here all know too well. Love, patience, persistence, creativity, imagination, fantasy, … The list doesn’t end… So if that tickles your fancy, click on one of my books and I hope you will lose yourself in one of my worlds.

I am a writer of non-fiction, writing about the things that keep you awake at night or keep following you during the day. I use my wit and experience to write down some of the chaos in my daily life and hope to inspire, help, or entertain you. If that is something for you, why don’t you check out my latest blog posts.

For those who accidentally clicked on my profile and for some reason are still reading my introduction. Don’t leave yet, have a look around, I might surprise you. Have a look at one of my stories, maybe it might be exactly what you were looking for…

For those who have read my stories, you are no longer strangers. Because in every chapter, every sentence, every word I type, I pour in a bit of myself, a bit of my soul. You all know me so well, but I haven’t had the chance to meet you. So leave me a comment or sent me a message, I would love to get to know each and every one of you.

I wish you all a safe trip into my stories and hope I get to influence you in one way or another, leaving a piece of myself behind…

Your writer,
Arizona Tape

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